Thursday, January 16, 2014

Who is this girl?

The first one that shows up in the video - the red top and shiny pants.
The face is insanely familiar....
I'm not much of a nollywood person,
And my Naija trip is all caught up in blurred lines.
But i could have sworn i know that face....
Any takers?

P.S...I pulled this out today, because i am determined to perfect those dance moves!

Only problem is, at the last party, i was all up doing yahoozee, until i quickly noticed that is clearly yesterday's dance moves!


  1. lol at doing yahoozee, all these dance moves these days are making one dizzy.

  2. You now know video vixens abi...okay o, you'll keep confessing one after the other ;)

    1. That's not the question we asked you ooo!!! Do you or do you not know :p

  3. Loool@Yahooze. Please focus on the chubby guy in 1.18 and 1.26 ;) You're welcome