Sunday, January 25, 2015

Those type of nights....

Night times in our conservative suburban neighbourhood has always been...typically peaceful,
Until a certain young lady moved in next door recently....

Last night started with a few barely audible moans, coming through the thin walls of the bedroom.
The type of moans that you cannot mistake, and it got curiously more dramatic quickly.

Lots of violent creaking and could almost make out the intermittent check slapping too.

All very unbecoming behaviour really, went on for a good twenty minutes. And that's the problem with all these black people you know - making you feel....inadequately competitive.

So this night....

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The random blogsville group chat

I get the worst ideas after 9pm when i am tired out and overworked. This might be one of them.

But anyways, a certain online group chat room will be made available to interested participants at a date and precise time to be advised.

Entrance requirements:
  • 1 random question.
  • 1 funny question.
  • Willingness to play a stupid game.
  • Your email address for details.

I will review this post and potential implications after a good night's rest, so if the post is deleted by the morning, bear with me. It only means my common sense kicked back into gear.

If otherwise, keep calm and join a blogsville group chat. Why not?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shutup jare!

Insensitive hypocrite!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The life-cycle of a random cup of unisex coffee (An analysis)

About comments boxes and speaking to brick walls

I recently considered turning off the comments box on this page. My reasons were noble -

Lately I've been struggling to respond individually to comments. Often times, i use the comments log as the first instance of blogs i visit when doing blog rounds. And when I'm done with that, i often find the contentment i am selfishly searching for,  and I'm happy to go to bed often forgetting that i have not replied comments on mine.

So the problem was not really about being too anal to do the needful replies. i'm often just more curious to read the other person's thoughts than to maintain a conversation on mine.

So i reasoned that if i couldn't be disciplined enough to complete blog duties, then just disable comments box. Simples.

I had pretty much made up my mind until i visited two particular blogs who have turned off comments lately and i found myself really genuinely and royally pissed off about that situation.  Yes there's an email which i could have kindly sent my thoughts into, but i just couldn't be arsed to. I felt like an intruder in a private space stupidly trying to speak to a giant brick wall that would never reply me anyways.

Like seriously, who turns off blog comments?! I'm certain it must be against some constitutional law to disable my right to comment on your blog! It's just not right. Particularly because that post hit the nail right on the head, and it was awesome, and I thought this person's mind must belong to the gods! And you had me furiously searching all over the place like an addict pinning for a fix. Comment comment comments give me comments, i need to comment now nooooow!

But alas, the hypocrisy in my rant.

P.S. I was going to include a descriptive image of someone talking to a brick wall. Pictures are amazing to drive home a point quickly, and they're easy on the eyes too. Then as i downloaded the image,  i noticed some copyright declarations linked to the image,  and i got doubly pissed! What is it with this world, everybody trying to make money off every thing! People should calm down! Calm down people!!!!

And i should probably calm down too.

P.P.S: Duru&Janyl.B....I'm watching you two....and this love thang that's seemingly brewing.