Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blog anonymously...Yes! Yes! Yes!

We often get caught up in fads and loose track of the reason for our initial standpoint. In this regard, everybody is becoming a celebrity blogger, so my insatiable need to be recognised is gnawing at my crotch, so i'm going to join the bandwagon aye?

Start/maintain an anonymous blog? My opinion to that is aye, aye! The world is too much of a noisy stomping ground not to allow your mind the simple, beautiful indulgence of being able to monentarily roam free without the constraints of identification. So for those of that falter in opinion, here are my few cents.

When i come to this place, i imagine myself on a holiday...a lone cottage on a hill side. My mind is like a restless dog on a leash, but what freedom once we step into those wide open fields and i let her rip. She'd scamper off like a mad hatter through the wilds..sniffing from one blog to the other, in search of gold, of truth, of mutual identification. (Admittedly often these days all i return with is boring trifling, but you get the picture.) You and your thoughts....heck you need that, how can you not have that single moment in time?! Every sensible person needs that respite.

I like to think that anonymous blogging is an artform, like Banksy or Lagbaja. And the beauty of the genre is in the unapologetic honesty. I have heard the alternative argument saying, 'whatever i cannot say to someone's face, i don't say it'. But we know that is a stark lie. Nobody is that brazen. We all save face for whatever the motive, hence 100% honesty in expression is non-existent. Life is just not that simple. We don't tell our bosses our true intentions. We shut the door when we take a shit. We don't tell the vicar that yesterday's sermon was boring as hell. The human being is naturally bound by the need to maintain a sense of respectability, and esteem, so we collect our scripts and play the lines of who we are expected to be, well until someone invented the mask.

Ooh the Mask.....mid 16th century: from French masque, from Italian maschera, mascara, probably from medieval Latin masca 'witch, spectre', but influenced by Arabic masḾara 'buffoon' - wiki.

Give me an unrecognized anonymous blog over a thousand psychophant followers to play the gallery to. Do you see my point? A small church is great and will meet your spiritual needs until it starts to expand and you find that the pastor's opinions start to get watered down and censored to suit the differing opinions of audience. Maybe its just me, but my idea of a blog is like allowing a stranger to sneak into your private space to read the pages of your life. And it becomes a give and take sort of relationship - almost noble in intent, because in the end every person finds recognition in one blog space or the other. You see, chances are that if you flipped through the pages of twenty anonymous-honest-to-goodness blogs, you are likely to find one person who picks his nose in the same manner that you do. Then suddenly picking your nose like an ogre becomes perfectly normal, and your deed to humanity is done.

Fault lines... divisive issue or difference of opinion that is likely to have serious consequences. There are fault lines...and ever so real, they are.

I think that the danger of anonymous blogging is the tempt to loose yourself in the freedom of not having an identity. And it works in two ways, the first of which is that you join the bandwagon of foolishness that the internet world has become. I.e, selling your foolish opinion for free and thereby contributing to the world stock on unbridled stupidity in opinion and integrity. The second is that in your quest to have an opinion, you become the daft opinion that you are marketing to own, so none is any wiser for the trade.

But the good thing about blogging, is that it easily weeds out senseless people, and i mean that literally. Blogging/writing takes effort, that is why you would be hard to find an unintelligent person who has blogged consistently for a time. Hence, the kind of errors/sins one is prone to is bolstered by the corrals of reason / common sense. It is useful to have faith in these matters, because admittedly grace keeps one in that regard. But would you, for the error of triffling in an instance forgoe the benefit gained by solitude. I thought about it and the benefit seemed to outweigh the error--in my own opinion, at least. But i dare say, if you must fall, then fall you will and you must, so stagger and carry on. I say we get better for every step we falter on.

I have grown in this place. I have understood my very essense in this place, such that today my opinions are grounded on the solid foundation of me, who i am and who i am meant to be. Nobody has an opinion these days. People just retweet bullshit without thinking. I love Davido; Beyonce is so amazing, so imma twerk like this and bobb my head like that, but you don't know crap about any of these people. What do you kow about yourself in the first instance?!

Like i said, my opinions are mine opinions, and these are mine. Find yours. It does make them foolish or in any way correct. There are no black or white in these matters, except that the opinions belonged to you or not. I have erred on every side of the sins of anonymous blogging -.............
 because admittedly, it isn't only about the simple words on the pages, the complete stories are i what happens after the posts have been published and digested by the few.......... -but here is a code of conduct which i recently concluded made a whole lot of sense: As far as blogging goes, i think that there is beauty and art in the original artform, i.e without disclosure. But to each his own, every stock of trade has its place of appreciation. So write what you will, and how you will, bearing in mind the sobering truth that if heaven and judgement is real like they say, then even blog line might just as well contribute to the spoken words to which we each must account for.

This is a quick scribbled response after reading Nutty-J's of the few good ones left.
So excuse any errors...and blah blah blah...i'll likely return to edit later.

But, blog anonymously, yes yes yes, and let the world see how beautiful your unbridled mind is!

Mazel tov folks.