Wednesday, June 6, 2018

T.Notes #25: About Changes and a long overdue update

I took a break from blogging because i seriously needed to figure me out. I am not exaggerating when i say my life was in freefall.  I will share details as we go on but i promise you that i can write a thesis about how to f** up your life whilst keeping it all together at the same time. I desperately missed blogging all the while but it was best to keep my mess to myself. Besides I think it is tricky these days to maintain a personal blog that is true to you whilst also hoping people understand the seperation between unfiltered thoughts and real life. In the past i had slowly started censoring this page - partly due to my own maturing but also partly because i started to understand the dangers of misinterpretation. But you see, my own sanity is also hinged on writing my way through to each conclusion. So I want to blog again and i hope we can talk again - on a deeper level than ever before.

I'll be making some important changes:
1. Url change: OR
2. Twitter: I will share a twitter handle soon so it's easier to stay in touch
3. Old posts: This is really hard to do, but i will be tucking away old posts into an archive folder.

If i still have your ears, i'll be making blog round in a bit. Trust you are all weĺl? Thanks for checking up in my absence - i truly appreciate the love and community. So let's catchup folks, it's been a minute.

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