Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Quiet...

In between here....and here,is unspoken pain,the late night ponderings of what in heaven have i done,am i we crest from short highs to much longer valley lows...

In between here...and here,are the untold stories inbetween...being stranded at 3am in another town far from 'home',the doctor's appointments for worry induced sickness,the curses and the sighs, which make no sense in the end because we still pick ourselves up in the morn and better get back to it. (Ironu o san gbese is what the yorubas say,i.e postulations and ponderings do not pay the bills.)

In between here...and here is where i was yesterday and where i am today, and even though it makes no rational sense comparing for decisions already made,i still do earnestly hope that this all makes sense. You know how the hebrews slaves used to wonder that, maybe Isreal/captivity really wasn't that bad when you think about it here in this hot desert.

In between here...and here,is a brief quiet, a sort of momentary pause,before we get back to the grind. You know what really really smarts about the whole thing is,you just cannot do crap about it,except to just keep moving,one step after the other,keep walking...even though this note is hardly adequate to communicate...

...But he knows the way that I take...Job 23:10,right???Just tell me it'll be fine,and i'll make it through another couple of weeks.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Now that I am Almost Famous!!!!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

She likes a "Black" Man and other Notes.

This ought to be quick.

She says she feels safer with a "Black Man" in the house.
She says she likes the extra buff, the broad shoulders, and the manly chiselled features.

She says the "Black Man" is resourceful...
He stays up all night thinking of how to sort out the problems,
and she is able to sleep sound, trusting that he will have a solution in the morning.

She says she likes that he is 'street', and at the same time a bad ass professional.
She likes the combination of rugged and smart...
She thinks it is rare.

She says she likes his spirituality..
she doesn't necessarily believe it all the time,
but she says its reassuring that He is close to someone,something bigger than everything.

She says she likes to walk hand in hand with him on the roads,
it feels different,daring...
yet comfortable, because people are afraid of what is different.

She says she likes his hands,
...tough,wide,able to grasp hold of...'things'..and 'other things'...
She says....she says...she says....

And the crux of it all is, I think she's right.
What do you think about your chocolate brother?

In other T.Notes.

1.Welcome back SOSEXY

2. I'm walking tall to pay the last and final instalment of my fees today! The relief,cannot be explained in words. No debts,no further instalments, no oweing any corporation for 15years.It's done done done!!!

3. I only mention number 2, because, if God can be good enough to sort me out, then, without a doubt, keep trusting too!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A very messed up Note!!!

Without needing to state the obvious,you will notice i have pretty much messed up this page!!!!I assumed a house re-do will only take a second,but clearly it's going to need some seating down. So for the mo,just assume i do not exist, and ignore my wahala for now. I will content myself on being a nuisance on your own pages till i put this back together again!

Cheers peeps!

If you've not Lol'ed at this, you are soo wrong!!!

Oh jeez,that is soo legendary!!!!LMAO!!!Ensure you watch to the very very end!!!

Cracks me up every time!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Loosing Our Masks: Stripped!

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