Saturday, November 29, 2014

14:14 - Grumpy monday mornings and Tuke's saxy quest

I am not a morning person. I'm a 5pm Friday person :) 

This is me when i wake up on a weekday.
My typical morning routine is to wake at 7.30, snooze till 8, and literally drag my ditzy self to the expresso machine. Then I sit by a high chair looking out the window and slowly induce myself awake with idle daydreams about receiving a random offer to head-up GeeTee Bank in Lagos. All- inclusive with a castle in lekki, a bad a$$ 4x4, and all the perky teller girls lighting up the mornings with sunny-side up smiles. But that is not my reality (at least not just yet), so instead i would dutifully don on five layers of protective clothing, brace myself for the smattering cold and lob along into another day at the office. *Joy*.

All that notwithstanding, this is usually me when I step into the office.

Somewhere in between that two minutes elevator *shoki*, which I totally recommend, a transformation usually occurs wherein I become incredibly awesome. I would step into that office space, own the environment and then it’s all about the Joey Tribbiana “how u doing”, enthusiastic winks and cheerful hi-5’s whilst i grab a fat cup of coffee and settle down for work

You see, it’s been all about that magic two minute attitude transformation in between the elevator and the doorway. But the problem is that these days, I seem to have run out of fairy dust. I would dance myself into a quick frenzy, rocking that elevator shoki, azonto, etighi the whole works, and nothing happens! Instead, I enter the office and find that I’m just another black immigrant, hustling for the dollar. Does anybody else get those days, or is it just me?

So all through the week, i have entertained my office with the un-graceful dramatisation of a disgruntled, discontent Nigerian man. I know and I'm not proud of it, but i just couldn't be asked. All that need to be constantly chirpy and cheerful, is draining, so I simply let the frown linger. The tipping point was when I raised my voice and told this certain self-nominated office class-captain to get the &*# away from the desk, and everyone went quiet. I know. It's been bad. I need to get my act back together. Talk about grumpy old men.

But sticking to the positives and about breathes of fresh air, I recently discovered Tuke’s-Quest’s, which is my quick blog review for this month. Tuke is a saxophonist and a writer, and her blog is ooh yessss very easy to conclude that, if she only posted pictures of zany smiles without any worded expressions, that would be enough to make it an amazing blog page. So I’ll be calling this one, the Happy place. Check out her blog here and thank me later. Tuke’s blog reminds me of Kiah, before she left…and that line from Cab rides and the Morning after, about still beautiful people who are all elsewhere doing impossibly beautiful things. 

And this is what I’ve come to appreciate from doing these new-blog reviews. The fact that blogsville never really did die. Instead, after the sexy ones had become middle aged, in their 12hour life spans*, the magic rightly rolled along into the hands of a fresh generation of amazing people who are telling their own stories in their own way. And it only takes a few seconds to either blink and miss it, or jump right in like...

Intro: The 14-for-14 challange by Janyl. (Click here to familiarize yourelf with the '14 for 14 challenge'). This is my tenth post into that journey.

*Ref: Cab rides and the morning after - Alysia Harris.