Monday, May 27, 2013

One twitter morning...and some changes....

I woke one twitter morning and just decided that i don't want to become one of those people.

Self-proclaimed psychologists who dish out daily doses of their understandings of life with the audicity of correctness. And i'm not sure how many psychology degree courses we run in Nigeria, or maybe all you need to qualify is to live abroad for a few years, and that dons on you the qualification to be wiser than the rest of the lot. What do i know? But briefly excusing doing just the same, i think that all advice columns, radio shows and twitter nuggets of wisdoms should be caveat with '...based on my own understanding as a result of my experiences, i think that....'

Maybe then people can stop acting the stupid as a result of 'joe blogs said so and did same...'

Hugh Hefner wanna-be's. Admittedly, i have indicated quite a few within these pages, but to all of which, i plead the excuse of youth :) Things change as you grow older and hopefully wiser. You sort of have more to loose, so one tends to be less flippant about your reputation or the words that come out of your mind. The more sex you have, the less you inclined you are to rant about it anyways. For those who have not figured it out and still ask, this is the rite of passage for most popular blogspaces.
Talking Taboo is easy and cheap publicity, but talking too much can come back and bite your shiny behind. #ouch.

The City of Champaign popping and wedging dollar bills into red clubbing underwear...that ish is not real everyday life. The proper rite is to grow up and vacate the sit of exuberance to the next generation and in turn, become the cranky old bugger who sits on his porch screaming for the kids to keep the noise down. Egad, maybe i have just grown up is all.
These days, everybody has an opinion about everything....and we have all taken to the street to shout on the rooftops what we claim to 'know' about this and that, but in actual fact 'don't have any real clue about'....never admitting that neither opinion was ever given a second of prior sensible reasoning.

The big edit is thus defined: I am still who i am today, but foolery betide me if i have never changed from whom i used to be yesterday.

Welcome to my T.Notes.