Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Friday, June 4, 2010

I believe, by Temite

So I just happened upon this insane poem by temite
I don't agree with a lot of the creed therein but i how it is a charming+spunkful+oddly hilarious read
I believe, by Temite

I believe in praying on sunday mornings,
and washing your teeth with vodka after.
I believe in second chances
and the 3rd...4th....and 5th.
I believe in having sex on monday mornings
and saturday evenings too

I believe in Jesus and his teaching
although I often doubt his paternity
I believe in wearing bows in my hair
and pretty pink leather gloves.

I believe in Mac products
but I admit the obviousness of it
I believe in managing people
but I would hire someone to manage me

I believe in forgiving easily
because those were Jesus's teachings
I believe in giving lots of oral sex,
only because it brings me pleasure.

I believe in kneeling to greet my husband,
just because he must deserve it.
I believe in demanding equal partnership,
i think most marriages need this.

I believe in the utility of things,
but I also value frivolous hedonism.
I believe in finding truths always,
but equal in virtue is, kindness

I believe in the delights of solitude
Although there is such a thing as too much of it
I believe in gorgeous plumpness
But I admit obesity is a disease

I believe in marital bliss
Just as much as I believe in divorce
I believe in grand romantic gestures
Although Id rather you propose in our bed.

I believe in fucking Doggy style
Although I often opt for being on top
I believe in friendship audits
But beware, it often contains unfortunate truths

I believe in licking wet snow
Although I hate the cold that precedes it
I believe in speaking my mind
Although tact is sometimes needed

I believe in striving for excellence
But present pleasures are often underrated
I believe in eating ice cream for breakfast
However, I know what that leads to

I believe in dipping carrots in chocolate
That’s the best way to enjoy it.
I believe in being helpful
Much of the world can use it

I believe in disciplining oneself
I know I can use more of it
I believe in keeping Dogs as pets
But I was a Cat in my past 9 lives

I believe in blind loyalty
It often decides whom we love
I believe in being promiscuous
Chastity is the silliest virtue

I believe in Freewill
Although I am inpatient with it
I believe in the free market
Afterall, I am trained to regulate it

I believe in being envious
Although jealousy is a pleasant evil
I believe in dancing naked
Even better with red heels on

I believe in touching my self
Even when I have a partner present
I believe in ogling women's body
It is after all Natures masterpiece

I believe in loving a Mans Penis
Only because it brings untold pleasures
I believe in sexual activities
Because that is the way to see God

I believe in Nirvana
I am often in pursuit of it
I believe in Enlightenment
Although I prefer Nirvana over it.

I believe in mouths on my nipples
Whether a babes or my baby's
I believe in Motherhood
Because Mothers do Gods work

I believe in having lunches
Naked with Champagne, preferably
I believe in peach dresses
Just as much as I love pink ones

I believe in Miley Cyrus
I really can't explain my love for her
I believe in Beyonce`s magic
I want to be her and steal her HoVa

I believe in learning languages
Although I dislike French passionately
I believe in speaking loudly
Cos only the bold will inherit the Kingdom

I believe in sowing wisely
Just as much as I love taking chances
I believe in terrible clich├ęs
I think I just used one wisely.

I believe you just smiled
Now you understand poetry's magic
I believe in my great talent
Although I often doubt the existence of it

I believe in sipping Citrus Tea
It soothes ones throat with harsh delights
I believe in loving ones siblings
The parental unit is optional, Right?

I believe in respecting ones elders
But to correct them when they are wrong
I believe I do this for my Mother
And I giggle when she becomes cross

I believe in giggling when I hear sex
Being jaded is so out of fashion
I believe in having lots of money
Only because I am attached to pretty Shoes

I believe in wearing Big earrings
Only the fashionable will get this
I believe in dating wisely
But a bad boy is so tempting

I believe in tweeting widely
This is where the next leaders hide
I believe in being private
I wonder why I am often, not

I believe in helping Jesus
I think he created us for that purpose
I believe in being Agnostic
Even God should prove himself to us

I believe in Kanyes swagga
Yes, I still use that word often
I believe in Run Rev"s wisdom
No matter how obvious he gets

I believe in Vlad’s humour
Although I think Lolita is still great
I believe in Gabi’s genius
Tell me you have read all his books

I believe in Zadie’s talent
Although I hate that my Husband adores her
I believe in Mama Maya’s grace
I fancy myself her tiny twin

I believe in Zoras Women
For they have shown me the true meaning of Love
I believe in giving alms to the poor
It's even better to help them give alms too

I believe in smelling lovely
Yes, I realize that natural smell is sexier
I believe in working diligently
That is how Bill made his billions

I believe in yawning loudly
Why on earth would you hold your yawns?
I believe in wearing Afros
And I am glad it has nothing to do with Race

I believe in eating spinach
It must be the Nigerian in me
I believe in holding grudges
But only for a pleasant second

I believe in the American spirit
Yes, well I am American you see
I believe in Moremi`s ancient sacrifice
Just because she is who Kennedy referred to

I believe in straddling both cultures
Because that is what tells you who I am
I believe in being half of each
Cos I think I get the best of both worlds

I believe I just wrote a poem,
I think I am pleased with it
I believe it sucks majorly
Oya, tell me you enjoyed it.

I believe in loving deeply
Only because I have met you,
And above all my darling Ojo
I believe in you and me

For my love…
Yours, Always…

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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