Saturday, August 28, 2021

T.Notes#60: Impatient people

I met a girl who said she felt closest to God

after the guilt of intentional sin.

We spoke about weed, doctrine and grace.

Then I digressed....

The new house has a lush green lawn so i have become something of an enthusiatic garderner and really loving it! I have red roses, acer plants, white lilies, conifers - all looking stunning.🌻

Recently i bought some lawn treatment which promised me perfectly grown, weed-free lawn in 5 weeks. I applied the treatment on monday and commenced a daily routine of inspecting the lawn - waiting for promised perfection.⏰

However perfection wasn't coming quick enough - this ofcourse is the story of my life. Instead, my previously near-perfect lawn was getting muddy-black as the weeds around it also died. This was expected. It said so on the lawn treatment instructions, that the grass would blacken then re-grow after 3 - 5 weeks.🤔

However i have decided i simply can't wait 5 whole weeks with my lawn looking a sorry state. I prefer it's former outward-looking beauty, even though ridden with weeds underneath. I couldn't wait any longer for promised perfection. So i did what every impatient person would do - i cheated on the process.🙈

So after just 3days, i bought some quick-grow grass fertiliser, doused it all over the lawn and satisfied my impatience. This new gospel promised beauty in 3 days! And guess what, my grass is growing super fast now! It is returning to it's former outward beauty and so is the ugly weed quickly growing underneath!🦂

These are my T.notes - gaps and symbolism well intentioned🙄