Saturday, July 7, 2018

T.Notes #27: About addictions

I took this picture on a cold dark night as i finally gave up and made my way to my first group therapy meeting. Even though my naturally cynic self considered it all "silly western indulgences", I introduced myself in the required format: "Hi my name is T; I am a....addict." I knew it was the first time i was speaking the truth.

Addictions are complex, often leading to irrepairable psychological damage if left unattended to. People will often blame addicts for not speaking up about their problems, but i found that such conversations are only a waste of time - amounting only to either emphathy or entertainment. Neither of which is helpful to anyone.

Only someone who has lived in or intentionally studied the toxic realities of addictions, is really a worthwhile audience. This is how i met bambi - with her matchless wit and a body that was only fitting to gods. Some relationships are like carelessly throwing gasoline into a raging inferno, but we called it art. Afterall anything you do with Sade Adu playing in the background, can only be beautiful.

Six months into sobriety and still trying to redefine beauty.

This is a T.Note

Thursday, July 5, 2018

T.Notes #26: Url Change

New url: (Note the zero)
I'll try to drop the new url in your blogs so we hopefully stay connected.