Saturday, January 26, 2019

T.Notes#36: About exotic heavens and red hot thongs

Last night i dreamt that the world ended,
And people found solace in eternities of sordid affairs
where spouses had been conveniently raptured away to heaven.

I found both situations troubling
One more more disturbing than the other
When you read faithfully inbetween the lines.

I grew up listening to such stories about the world ending.
So much so that i think i was bullied into becoming a Christian with these scare tactics.
It's one of the reasons why i had to dismantle and deconstruct the intents of my Christain faith.

But nobody thinks about such things these days.
Infact you're more likely to believe in China's secret arsenal of supersonic ninja monkeys,
than rationally believe in God.

Plus to be fair, we have Trump, Brexit, Russia, and the Nigerian elections to worry about.

So i woke up this morning with images of crazy housewives chasing sober men with hot red thongs,
People floating away into exotic heavens,
And the devil calling out my name with a naughty smirk.

I concluded that i need to watch less netflix into the night,
Said a prayer to start my day and reached out for a morning bowl of Cheerios.

This is a T.Notes on Faith.
Picture: @frankiefoto

Friday, January 25, 2019

T.Notes#36: Tips for living and working abroad

Every now and then i'll try to share tips for skilled professionals who are interested in living and working abroad.

I truly believe the world is much too beautiful to stay grounded!
So if you are able to, Travel, See the world and Live abroad whilst you are young.

For starters, here are some of the common and well worn paths to moving abroad.
Tag someone who needs to know.

1. Get an Educational degree abroad - and follow the routes to residency.
2. Apply directly into a job that sponsors your immigration. Example, Doctors and medical staff are in high demand in the U.K.
3. Join the Army, stay alive and follow the route to citizenship.
4. Apply into direct immigration schemes, such as Canada
5. Marry a citizen and naturalise. I don't recommend this one, so all i will say is - stay clear of fraud!

I have simplified each point for brevity but happy to provide free information from my own experiences.

Cheers to the Friday!
This is a T.Notes on Career and Travel
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T.Notes#35: Anti-Social

I never really liked social media
Because tbh i don't like most people.
I really only like a certain type of people.

But i'm told that i have to say and do things,
So that a lot of people like me and follow me.
Follow me to where exactly?

I do find it a bit absurd,
But i need to figure that one out.
I just wanted to blog again really.

Jazz recently said that,
The degree to which my identity is located within my ministry is the degree to which i may have missed the plot and my life is off course.

I like Jazz. And i think i like you!
Because if you liked and followed me,
then we chances are we are a perfect match!
So thank you.

This post briefly muses about a culture and it's expectation of platform and profile.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

T.Notes#34: Fall

I don't talk about this often.

The last time i laid on a surgeon's table,
The nurse suggested i stay awake this time.
I remember feeling cold and lifeless as my mind drifted.

I thought about how life is similar to playing a cruel game of Russian Roulette.
And about how Bambi had probably ruinned my chances of heaven or eternal paradises.

To each his own Archille's heel,
For some, it is in indulging the forbidden.
Just as the night before, we'd stood face-to-face, stark naked - body, spirit and soul.

"What is your weakness?", She had whispered.
Her brazenness reminded me of Bible stories,
Of strong men - conquered and reduced to play things.
Yet i was foolishly honest in my response.

I want everything - all that i cannot have and then some.
Bambi had become the pursuit which I had placed above everything else.
My satisfaction, is my god - i know.

The Igbo people say desire is the first child of Satan.
So as she smiled, leaned in close and asked me to kneel,
I concluded that i was going to hell.

Daddy used to say that some life mistakes are too costly to make -
That it is better to learn from the folly of the simple.
But i was always the curious kid who stared out the window at midnight....

I guess what i'm trying to say is,
The last time i laid on a surgeon's table,
I thought about the brevity of life, about second chances and about an old prayer:
Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.

This note is about self awareness.
Who, or What, makes you fall to pieces?

These are my T.Notes.

Picture: Flavio Gasperini

Monday, January 21, 2019

T.Notes#33: You don't (even) know my name

The thing is...
I'm not sure how to say this,
Without coming off like i'm trying to chat you up....

Photo by Charles Koh

Saturday, January 19, 2019

T.Notes#31: About Sunday Contradictions

Whilst i embrace the Christian faith,
There are two areas where i intensely struggle.
One is the expectation of a deeply flawed man to live out a worthy cause.
The second is the age old dilemma - how does a good God permit such evil.

I have grappled and studied wide these two contradictations,
And also lived inside their deep trenches -
So i know that it really is not that simple.
I am aware of most well intended responses
And how none of them have yet to quiet my restless angst.

This note acknowledges a walk of faith, or to be precise - a slow limp, for those of us who dared to tell the truth.
And whilst i look forward to a different conclusion, these three things still honestly remain:
A broken halleluyah, a fragile amen and a different type of faith.....

Faith nonetheless.