Saturday, January 19, 2019

T.Notes#31: About Sunday Contradictions

Whilst i embrace the Christian faith,
There are two areas where i intensely struggle.
One is the expectation of a deeply flawed man to live out a worthy cause.
The second is the age old dilemma - how does a good God permit such evil.

I have grappled and studied wide these two contradictations,
And also lived inside their deep trenches -
So i know that it really is not that simple.
I am aware of most well intended responses
And how none of them have yet to quiet my restless angst.

This note acknowledges a walk of faith, or to be precise - a slow limp, for those of us who dared to tell the truth.
And whilst i look forward to a different conclusion, these three things still honestly remain:
A broken halleluyah, a fragile amen and a different type of faith.....

Faith nonetheless.

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