Friday, January 25, 2019

T.Notes#35: Anti-Social

I never really liked social media
Because tbh i don't like most people.
I really only like a certain type of people.

But i'm told that i have to say and do things,
So that a lot of people like me and follow me.
Follow me to where exactly?

I do find it a bit absurd,
But i need to figure that one out.
I just wanted to blog again really.

Jazz recently said that,
The degree to which my identity is located within my ministry is the degree to which i may have missed the plot and my life is off course.

I like Jazz. And i think i like you!
Because if you liked and followed me,
then we chances are we are a perfect match!
So thank you.

This post briefly muses about a culture and it's expectation of platform and profile.

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