Friday, January 25, 2019

T.Notes#36: Tips for living and working abroad

Every now and then i'll try to share tips for skilled professionals who are interested in living and working abroad.

I truly believe the world is much too beautiful to stay grounded!
So if you are able to, Travel, See the world and Live abroad whilst you are young.

For starters, here are some of the common and well worn paths to moving abroad.
Tag someone who needs to know.

1. Get an Educational degree abroad - and follow the routes to residency.
2. Apply directly into a job that sponsors your immigration. Example, Doctors and medical staff are in high demand in the U.K.
3. Join the Army, stay alive and follow the route to citizenship.
4. Apply into direct immigration schemes, such as Canada
5. Marry a citizen and naturalise. I don't recommend this one, so all i will say is - stay clear of fraud!

I have simplified each point for brevity but happy to provide free information from my own experiences.

Cheers to the Friday!
This is a T.Notes on Career and Travel
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