Saturday, April 9, 2011

How to kill a mocking blogg. (911, PLEASE READ!)

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  1. omg omg omg!! thats crazy hey!! u need to get ur act together lol. i feel bad for u though, pele :)

  2. It is a bad situation yeah? but i did laugh a tiny little bit because i imagined the whole scene. Jeez! the pastor swore? He can't expel you from church. He coulda told you to pray and would pray with you. Thank God you used protection. Just calm down, it would blow over. Be careful though.

  3. OMGosh, T Notes is a wild one isn't he? And poor Mia, she must have felt awful. Meanwhile when you have the time, we would like to now the gory details.....hehehe hehehehehehehehehehheehj

  4. LOL.... After all the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak... Could it be that Pastor Isaac was really annoyed because Mia (purposely) flashed some goodies for him?

  5. least ur trying hard to stop, its not easy to stop a habit, or learn a new one. u'll get there.

  6. Laughed really hard at pastor Isaac swearing and in the man really lost his cool.
    Quick question: I hear them chinko chick are always clingy, how true???

    If S is the real owner of the blog, what will happen to T.Notes...Biko me I like T.Notes oh, but would not be bad to know more of S.

  7. I hear you !
    Blame the doer not the instigator!
    How you?
    Its been a while..
    Take care..

  8. lol...T.Notes oooo...u no go kill pelzin!

  9. I don't believe a single word!!!

    If this is really true, tell the so-called Asian girl to give me a call ....


  10. Dear T.notes, not the original blog owner, I mean T.notes the bad ass, get outta this man's life lol.
    Its very hard to fight with one's inner self. By the way, I don't get how the post title relate with the whole story. They're like two different things, to me though. Hope you get T.notes out of your life LWKMD.

  11. We hereby join our hands and bow our heads in prayers as we cast T.Notes out! LOL

    Meanwhile, u had better start thinking of how to keep Mia away before she starts claiming u thruout the entire school.

    BTW, you've not heard the last from Pastor Isaac... be prepared!

    Did I spoil ur day with my analysis??? Sorry T.Notes um um err... i meant S.

  12. S, pastor Isaac isn't your main concern- not like he can get u to heaven... don't worry about him- figure urself out 1st. or are u only embarrassed cos u got caught by the clergy? or are u really fed up by the sitch? is all this fiction for blogville entertainment? dunno... but just thot to take this a tad seriously. take care...

  13. My sister, you so nutty o, is it for real sha?

  14. I want to say good luck with your plan, but hey, nothing should touch T-notes sha.

  15. Ok o,thank you all very much,but comments will no longer be received on this post anymore!Haba,na who you dey give work to be replying all these comments!Anytime i open the page and venture to start trying,depression go overwhelm me! So,believing that we have pegged comments henceforth,let us now put some closure on this topic. Ese,thank you!

  16. @Kitkat: Awww,thank you love.I do promise you that i am well on track towards getting myself together. You will see proof of that soon.

    @Lily:Uhmm,do tell,which bits of the juicy scene was finest in your imagination.Me and my sturdy six-pack right?You know girl!!!

    @Mamuje: T.Notes is a damned one,that's what he is!And as per deets,you NAUGHTY you, i'm inviting you to church!!!

    @OoohJay:Lol.Could it be that you'd appreciate Mia flashing some goodies for you too mate?!Hahah!Thanx for dropping by.

  17. @Kiky: Albeit you laughing at the situation,thanx love.Give me some tips on habit quitting will ya?

    @Coolest Lara:Lets talk no more about chinco chics jor!!!As per knowing more of S,hmmm,i'm sure we can arrange something.Me,You,transatlantic dinner date,let's discuss!*wink*wink*Lara's just the coolest! y'all!


    @Sisi Yemmie:More like,i no go kill myself!

    @Musco: For Mia to chic to call you,it's not gonna happen sir!!!I can't trust you with any woman again!Look how you stole YN's love from me!lol!!!

    Meeen nawa i don tire oo!!!

    @T.Boy: Hey Mate.First time seeing you around this little corner.Thanx for dropping by!As per post title,well,i figured i'd exercise blog owner's freedom to give any title he likes uh?!Lol!But hey,to kill a mocking blogg,like to kill an outta control blogg,or sumthin like that??Abeg,english is not my father's language,i just dey try.

    Staring hard into @P.E.T's sexy eyes with a goofy smile:You can analyse away love. You know I absolutely do not mind!And yes,we can also retreat to a quiet place to continue with the "casting out" prayers!lol!

    @chinny: Now,your concern,i honestly and seriously do appreciate.Thank you.I can assure you however that all is well on this side of the screen. Thanx.Loves.

    @YankeeNaijaBabe: Let's define real.

    @Myne: And the final word of authority goes to you!!!Nothing shall indeed touch T.Notes-we hope!!!

    @Beuatiful:You've been A-W-O-L!!!What's up??And so few words?*wink*You know i'm still 300% head over heels for you!

    Relief!Done!!!Thank you!!!!I'm not sure i want to put up any conclusion to this episode.Lets just leave it as water gone under the bridge uh?!

  18. If you like, put padlock on the comments box. I will still say my own.

    Thank God this blog does not belong to T.notes. Is that how he would have closed shop after you exorcised him?
    Na wa o.

    If pastor Isaac likes, he should vex and vex. what is done is done. We hope you enjoyed the session? *wink wink*

  19. Heeeen?


    which Mena advised you ginni?

    *pours incantantion and recite libation*

    Well well well, I cant advise you until I know what and what you did or didnt do with Mia. I also think that is what Pastor should have done. For all he knows you guys could have been doing night vigil na! Yes ke!


    p.s *sorry for coming so late, was off blogspot*

    p.p.s: so should I conclude by your comment on that you are saying you would have raped the sexy man in the second photo? just hasking ooo

  20. Hahaha! Is this a real story? Lol. Please oh, banish that alter ego, except on blogger