Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A very messed up Note!!!

Without needing to state the obvious,you will notice i have pretty much messed up this page!!!!I assumed a house re-do will only take a second,but clearly it's going to need some seating down. So for the mo,just assume i do not exist, and ignore my wahala for now. I will content myself on being a nuisance on your own pages till i put this back together again!

Cheers peeps!


  1. aww i prefer the old look.. why did u mess with it?lol
    dnt fret though, i still love u and ur blog :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. loooollll sweetheart mi, were you high? lol! oya it isn't half bad sogbo? i've missed u boo

  4. @kitkat:ooooh you're so Licorice Candy sweet!Mwuah!Still working on d pesky thing. Shouldnt have touched it in d first place!grrrr...bother!

    @Beautiful:Youuuuu!Where have you hidden all these while..leaving me pinning n dreaming of you!!

  5. LOL!!! Okay, just get it back to what it was nau, at least till you sit down. We love you anyway hehe


  6. One plea, get the simple template back or a better one if you desire change.

    Be good.

  7. We excuse this wickedness to our eyes only because we know that gold goes thru all sorts of messy processes before the refined and absolutely adorable product emerges.

    Take your time, put the house in order, we'll be waiting.

  8. still messing with the template huhn?...it's changed twice now...long time...lemme go play catch up

  9. Hmmmmmm...this background has changed from plain to peeing pup in less than 3 mins...this happened to me last year...took all of two days and i still couldn't revert to the original state...I wish you luck T.

    *Siddon look mode activated*

  10. @T.Notes- Who exactly is this 'Beautiful'??? I think I have to snatch her too as soon as possible....

    This your new template, is it old age or confusion setting in?


  11. Just when I was warming up to gettin blown away by your words..
    A word to the wise:
    Get your friggin ass back here!

  12. Whats in a template? A blog in any other colour is still a blog.

    Hehehehe. So the blog is in black and white, how does that stop you from writing and posting?