Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Quiet...

In between here....and here,is unspoken pain,the late night ponderings of what in heaven have i done,am i we crest from short highs to much longer valley lows...

In between here...and here,are the untold stories inbetween...being stranded at 3am in another town far from 'home',the doctor's appointments for worry induced sickness,the curses and the sighs, which make no sense in the end because we still pick ourselves up in the morn and better get back to it. (Ironu o san gbese is what the yorubas say,i.e postulations and ponderings do not pay the bills.)

In between here...and here is where i was yesterday and where i am today, and even though it makes no rational sense comparing for decisions already made,i still do earnestly hope that this all makes sense. You know how the hebrews slaves used to wonder that, maybe Isreal/captivity really wasn't that bad when you think about it here in this hot desert.

In between here...and here,is a brief quiet, a sort of momentary pause,before we get back to the grind. You know what really really smarts about the whole thing is,you just cannot do crap about it,except to just keep moving,one step after the other,keep walking...even though this note is hardly adequate to communicate...

...But he knows the way that I take...Job 23:10,right???Just tell me it'll be fine,and i'll make it through another couple of weeks.


  1. It'll be fine...and you will make it through the next couple

  2. It is well...just keeping moving on and it is well.

  3. aww the poem is really nice (its a poem right?)
    and i voted for u.. really i did!

  4. Lol Kitkat. I think it's kinda like a prosy poem lol. Lovely and very well said.


  5. So deep, who would have thunk it?

    Absolutely love this!


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  6. Very deep and nice. Please check out our blog and follow us

  7. sweetheart mi, you'll be fine and will make it even more than the next few weeks.