Thursday, January 15, 2015

The random blogsville group chat

I get the worst ideas after 9pm when i am tired out and overworked. This might be one of them.

But anyways, a certain online group chat room will be made available to interested participants at a date and precise time to be advised.

Entrance requirements:
  • 1 random question.
  • 1 funny question.
  • Willingness to play a stupid game.
  • Your email address for details.

I will review this post and potential implications after a good night's rest, so if the post is deleted by the morning, bear with me. It only means my common sense kicked back into gear.

If otherwise, keep calm and join a blogsville group chat. Why not?


  1. Don't delete now. Sounds like fun. Will check back in the morning

    1. Haha. Didn't delete. So yeah, we'll find z convenient time for this. Let me know your preferred.

  2. 1 random question - check (who's being asked the question? me or you?)
    1 funny question - check (again, who's doing the asking?)
    Willingness to play a stupid game - ummmmm... (how stupid)
    Your email address for details - check

    I'm game. Count me in :D

  3. blessings.....
    Sounds interesting. I might bite, warning though, "i have a very low bullshit meter" just saying.


    1. heheheheheheheheheheheh the BS line had me in stitches... :)

    2. Lol! All the more interesting then.
      Let me know your preferred time slot and we'll make it happen.

  4. T-Notes Baba, i am so game! As a woman wrapper by Default yeah, i am checking the highs and lows of blogsville for the bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh and the blog of my blog.. Hopefully, you would be the god sent conveyor of my iyawo.. **Shines teeth.. Cheers Oga boss... It has me excited already.. I go dey follow you like ant does sugar for details... :)

    1. Haha only you Duru!
      I'll put details up shortly, after collating information. So yeah, let me know your convenient time slot.

  5. I'm interested oo. With the kinda minds operating in blogsville, I hope i'd be able to keep up. If this works out, i have a feeling the participants would not get over it for some time. Lmao