Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life will be beautiful still / Stars fell on Alabama

If you were to ever stumble and fall off a mountain's edge,
don't forget to enjoy the view.
And remind yourself that somewhere in the horizon, a toddler's laughter fills the air
at the wonder of his new pup lapping warm milk out of a bowl
And the dribbles from its whiskers will remind someone of golden summer mornings,
of sucking sweet nectar juice out of a flower's lazy stems...

If stars were ever to fall all over Alabama,
don't ask Ella why.
Just pull aside the blinds, and let the morning chase away your blues.
Fight for life, yes, if you must - with your tools of trade and a prayer close to your lips
Only remember that whatever tomorrow brings, life will be beautiful still.
So don't forget to enjoy the view.

*No disaster will come near your dwelling place*
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  1. Nice. Very.
    But why Alabama? What's the connection (or just a random city)? Had to ask that.

  2. That's the title of a jazz tune, sung by Ella Fitzgerald :)

  3. Hey dude, Happy New this your attempt at poetry or some line from a song.

  4. Lara!! Happy new year to you too....well if you think it's a line from a song, then my mocked attempt at poetry isn't that bad then :p

  5. Happy New Year, Alabama! Or is it NYC? I was going to write more and pun on something 'Ella' but it wouldn't have made sense to anyone one else. The blessing of living in one's head sometimes...Hehehe.

  6. Note to self: never forget to enjoy the view as life drives by.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Great month ahead!