Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014: I cannot recall the original post title

There you go,  I give up!

I have tried and tried to get rid of this blog, but clearly that is not happening anytime soon. This page is like a relentless rabid dog created without purpose, on a random idle monday afternoon, and which has now been stuck to my posterior since then. How does a stupid blog become a dogged unyielding part of you?

I have created a hundred pseudo personalities online in a bid to start afresh on a more dignified note - become something of a respectable Myne Whitman, but every effort has fallen flat with little motivation. Just imagine....what if Toinlicious, afronuts, musco D, Kiah, caramelD, verastic, naijalines, honeydame, SisiYemmie, and all the other blogs you have grown to know and love were only all just me - the many amazing faces of yours truly, shape-shifting. #T.Note conspiracy theory.2014.

Anyway, finally acknowledging the futility of my efforts, and also in response to Atilola, Janyl.B, and every post and email convicting me of joining that elite club of absentee bloggers :), i hereby commit my quota of renewed zealousness to my haphazard blogging roots - i.e, to that lofty clarion call of resuscitating good ole blogsville.

Besides, i have received sign-off from a certain important someone, to go ye into all the world and blog blog blog.

Happy 2014....

I expect you've all had smashing holidays, but i don't expect any of your holidays was as impressive as mine. Modesty is yet to be my strong point. But anyways, wait for it.......I was in Lagos for Christmas, after years of being away! Even though in my mind it's always only felt like yesterday...that blue eyed novice BA passenger on a quest to acquire a prestigious masters degree and conquer wall street. Boy, how time flies.

So this Christmas,  i hopped on an overcrowded emirates flight and anxiously joined the merry league of 'returnees for the holidays'. Even i was laughing at the irony of it all. I have always considered myself 100% pure blood -gidi... but I have to say,  It's funny how a couple of years can change your perspective on things...but that is a different discuss altogther. My mission was simple - Eko for show, and i was going to milk out every oink of good times in two weeks! Besides Chi-town has been acting all kinds of stupid these past weeks.

So, as far as my holiday was concerned,
  • Gidi was MAD FUN!!!!!
  • Gidi is mad expensive!!!!---£££ gone with the wind in a few days! Everything is thousand thousand Naira!
  • Obalende looks great!!!Thumbs up Fashola!
  • Partied at the beach till midnight - free good music, no swanky club entry ticket!
  • There's a funky rooftop bar in shoprite ikeja - the music was banging!
  • Phone calls are much cheaper now!
  • DSTV is boring.... overrated at best.
  • I used up three doses of malaria meds in two weeks. Mosquitoe wan kill me finish.
  • Saw #The Closer Play at Oriental Hotel - I was not impressed. The Closer is a white play, the emotions were exagerrated to try to suit a nigerian audience. On top VIP ticket.
  • GTBank customer service needs an overhaul.
  • Park your phonetics at the airport, everybody is on a phonetics level in lagos now.
  • And yes, Park, baby pullover! Show me your particulars, baby pullover!!!!Hahaha!!!!And i know the dance moves too! I know the dance moves!
  • All my stock investments in NSE have reduced to peanuts!
  • And somebody please explain to me how stock registrars move addresses all around town without communicating to investors?!
  • Overall, I think the trick with Lagos is to keep your expectations to a manageble minimum. You are not in New York, or London, so get with the programme. 
  • But ermmmm, Lagos traffic....
All that said, and moving on to serious business, i.e new year blogger resolutions: 
  • I will unfortunately be shutting down my favourite pseudo blogs at sisiyemmie.com, verastic.com, and mynewhitmanwrites.com.
  • I will now be accepting proposals to monetise this blog and henceforth invite you all to read about bikini wax creams and the nasal sprays.
  • Watch out for my twitter account, where I will begin my political aspirations starting with 5000 followers in 3days and thereafter, one of those future award in 2014. I have learnt that all things all now possible, thanks to social media.
  • I will also be feeding you regular celebrity gist for all your faithful fans of maheeda and etc...

Yes, 2014 feels good...so just like with the good ole days....
Welcome to my T.Notes!

Excuse any errors and un-fine sounding words, i have sleep-walked my way through this one.

T.Note 01.14: Every good thing takes time, breathe easy.


  1. There is no way on earth you are claiming responsibility for Kiah! You aren't that good with writing stories! :p

    you went to Lagos and didn't tell me. My new year resolution is we are no longer paddies, starting now!

    1. This Kiah sef! Ehn, i hear you...i have not denied your skills, even though we both know undeniably how much I contribute to your creativity and motivation.

      Anyways, go and do the needful and get me a published book already! I want a shiny book on my bookshelf with oluwa-kiah proudly inscribed on the seams! Until then, if you like, deny me till Kingdom come :p


  2. Hahahahaahaha... At least you not claiming ownership of my blog (after all that work I put in. hmmmmm... like hmmmmm...). I'm getting the feeling you waiting until I become a famous blogger (on it. got the blogger part down, working on the famous bit).

    Sounds like you enjoyed your two weeks back home.

    1. How could I possibly forget my most important alter ego - causing chaos on the west coast! You've definitely got the blogger bit locked down....Only just that fame that's proving tricky uh?! Suggest you include Celebrity blogging in your Arsenal - might just do the trick! *wink*wink*Howz your end? Good holiday? Visited accra recently-lush!!!


    2. Really (or you just messing with me)? You were in Accra (like seriously)?
      Holiday was hmmmm... ok (I guess). Looked for trouble, couldn't find any, so I guess it was ok (trouble seems to come around during the non-holidays when I'm busy).
      Celebrity blogging = too much work. How about I become famous (by doing nothing), then I blog about me (I'll be a celebrity then) = celebrity blogging.

    3. No jokes. Lagos is just a 45mins arik flight away. Had a chilled out weekender in one of the smaller beach hotels.

  3. LOL
    I"ve missed this blog
    Please, Stay Stay! Don't leave again :)
    I joined that over crowded 'emirates flight' to celebrate christmas in Nigeria hahahaha
    Was cracking out the whole time
    Mehn GTB tho! God help us

    Happy new year

    1. Happy new year J! Really?!!! What are the odds that we weren't on the same flight?! You need to drop an update about your holiday then! Giving thought to my 14 on 14.

  4. Been waiting for u to post. Awwwwwwwwwww you were in lagos ? Wow. Good thin u enjoyed urself. Post a vid wit ur pullover dance moves na . Wear a mask or sth. xoxo

    1. Hahaha!!!! Trying to re-create our own blogsville lagbaja?!!!Loool! Yeah, Lagos, a salways was good fun. How you been? Been a min. yourself!!!

  5. 1. How come i'm just seeing this?
    2. I'm liking the conspiracy theory. What if you are me? I love you already which could mean that i love me, which is too true *grin* What if the "T" in your name is really Toin... *strokes chin* naa, you'll need my ass for that fabulousity loool
    3. You sure had fun in Lagos. Amen to all your bullet points.
    4.Please tell me you're running for president.
    5. Please get on twitter asap

  6. He writes!
    You sure had fun..

    Yes the idea of blogsville lagbaja is cool. So start recording.