Sunday, January 26, 2014

Talking to strangers...

Things used to be much easier growing up...

You remember that story about the boy who loved to talk to strangers?
Been thinking about it lately,
And realizing that, living to enjoy the random cup of steaming coffee with like minded persons is not just a simple indulgence we are free to relax into at will...

I am realizing that I cannot live to enjoy talking to...people,
Simply because for everytime you stir a cup of coffee with a stranger,
There's often the chance of stirring something deeper within the soul of the other person
So life gets unnecessarily complicated....

But I'm certain we are not made to live individually or even in remote dual pitched tents...
That the beauty in quiet conversations is an intentional DNA within the fabric of those of us coffee lovers.
Except that my past records do not serve me in good stead.
Like J casually mentioned today that there's a noticeable number of opp.genders with questionable affections.

I ruefully chose not to continue the conversation.
These days I am ruefully choosing not to continue any conversation at all.
At least until I understand if it's only all the world who wear their hearts on a sleeve,
Or it's something I'm saying....

Like a simple story of a boy who lived to talk to strangers,
and a girl who knew how to make the perfect coffee...

"Everything is permissible"-but not everything is beneficial. "Everything is permissible"-but not everything is constructive uh?


  1. We not made to live individually? Really? Seems more like a choice if you ask me.
    Things were so much simpler growing up mostly cos when one said "A" they meant "A". Now, I say "A" and even I am not 100% sure what I mean (imagine what the other person has to go through).
    P.S. I dislike coffee

    1. Not made to live individually.... well that's what I used to think, but these days I'm tending towards a different opinion. And if it were a choice, what's yours?

      Lol@Not being sure of what even I meant in the first place!

    2. My very own space in the middle of nowhere with my laptop, cell phone and internet connectivity (and electricity of course). I know, I know, having all those means I'm not actually living individually, but I'm not liking face to face interactions or voiceful (opposite of voiceless) ones too much (the phone really is for whatsapp and BBM).
      Oh No! are these the beginnings of me becoming a hermit? I should add that there should be a Shoprite nearby (in the middle of nowhere) with no added local flavour chasing me from Ghana:D

  2. The way you weave these words makes me rushing down here whenever I see a new post up.

    I love talking to strangers and I hate coffee.

    To your request on my blog, sadly I say no to anonymous comments, don't have energy for spams abeg. You can use the name/url option that way you don't have to sign in and I know you have visited.

    1. Lol. Thanks Lara.

      It's for the exact same sentiments why I'm likewise often rushing over to yours, and wondering when next you're going to update!!!

      Coffee or tea... It's whatever gets you in that talking zone really.

      Ah, never thought about using that option. My default modes are an easy annon with a signature or / the bother of signing in.

  3. So emmm I dislike coffee and I dislike talking to strangers o_o

  4. Blessings......
    I often talk to strangers, (perhaps a cultural thing - from Trinidad we do it often) we are meant to encounter each other, it is how we share our collective knowledges and learn from each other and grow. Sometimes you learn from a stranger what you have already known but couldn't put into context and fill it out to full comprehension until "this" stranger speak it into life, give it form and set that bell to ringing in your head (light bulb moment).

    At times we become deaf to (good advice) our own knowing, we take it for granted and give it less value simply because its always there. It is only when we encounter someone who may be going through something for which we have the answers sitting inside us that it blooms into manifestation bringing balance to the person and enlightenment to ourselves and vicey versa. Sometimes we hear better what a stranger has to say because they have nothing invested, no biases, no emotional attachments etc. Sometimes the encounter brings learning, understanding, knowledge, foresight, reminders, and warnings. God is no slouch and he will bring forth whatever we need in whatever way possible if we fail to hear, see, know and acknowledge his teachings ....just saying.

    Peace and blessings.

    1. Ooh wow!!!!! Thank you Rhapsody!
      Thank youuu!

  5. Talking to strangers is cool sometimes but I easily tune out when not in the talking to strangers mode.
    However, you could be a few ideas from a simple conversation with someone you don't know....I think.

    1. Lool. Sounds like it's definitely not your cup of tea.

  6. I love what you do with words...... its incredible!

  7. I love talking to strangers cos I get to know things about them. Then I try to determine what type of person they are, what kind of life they have.
    I think i should have been a shrink.
    Big fan of yours by the way.
    Awesome content you have here. Great writer.