Monday, January 31, 2011

The Quiet....

The results ahead,
The Job,
The Bills,
The white folks pissing me off,
The family stress,
The worries,
The fears,
The worthlessness,
The nothingness,
.....I don't even have the strength the lament.....

You know somedays you just tire of strength to even "hope".
But it will work out, won't it...somehow....???

The thing about a man is,you just cannot let them see how you are toottering under the weigth of it all.

And the thing about this man is, nonetheless, you still gotta take it all, and keep "fixing it". You know,bullshit happens,and they bring it to you to "fix it" and make it right..and even when you are a literal mess, you still...gotta do what you have to do...somehow.

Oh,my baby gets back tomorrow. Slim,black,supple skin,i've missed her die, can't wait to get my hands all over her locked up in the cozyness of flat 86,just me and her for hours,exploring every crevice of her wanton body...oh Toshiba T135,come back home.


  1. You must keep ur ahead above the waters no matter how bad the storm, life would be boring as a straight line, hence the need for the slopes.
    You'll be just fine.
    Now that the baby is comin back home, we'll get juicy updates regularly huh?

  2. "The thing about a man is,you just cannot let them see how you are toottering under the weigth of it all".

    I know exactly what you mean so I am amending your statement to ""The thing about a (wo)man is.."

    Hang in there

  3. It will all be fine, you just have to believe it and work it as if it is. Hugs!

  4. I was about to submit your email address to the FBI claiming you are bin laden under a pseudonym oh, at least they would be able to dig you out, but good thing you posted.

    You sound like you need a friend to talk to..why dont you blog about it? Rant as much as you want and read all the words of support you will receive?

    Just my 2 cents sha.


  5. :D your ref to your wanton toshiba cracked me up and reminded me of a post I wrote long ago. it was called 'Sam and Me'. The fire! the passion! Look it up if u like... take care... :p

  6. @PET: Thanx Hun.I totally hear you.And yes,more lively updates ahead!Thanx4 dropping by!Heading to ur spot!

    @Natural Nigerian:Well if you wanna bring the battle of the sexes into it,lol,thats fine. Hnaging on. Thanx!

    @Beautiful: Accepted!Can i nestle in all thru the night?!Its wee cold ere.

    @Myne:True that--I BELIEVE; Help my unbelieve!

    @FabLady:Been a while!!!!Thanx a million,for dropping by,and the kind words.

    @chinny:lol...actually read that post a little while back,was just too lazy to comment.Yeah,i know ur sam.And u did much more justice to the play on words than my weakened attempt!

    @Harry. Doin better already.Hope is a funny thing you know. Thanx.

  7. @Mena:Aghhhh,you my sworn mortal blogger arch enemy,sending kind words?!Checking below if hell's freezing over already!!!lol!!!
    Ok ok,as you have suggested,i have blogged about it. Thanx Thanx!And as per ur post on the guys feasting on ur bootiliciousness,well...

  8. @ Tnotes: Indeed I was nice but I was under the impression that you actually needed a friend na! Not another reason to show off Naija style :P. Yes you blogged but you blogged about getting a distinction na! Haba Naijas never change! Thats how one person blogged about being so bladdy broke and yet acquiring a touareg or another being so miserable yet managing to add that she is doing a phd at a very young age and aint paying jack for it!

    Yall will never change :)

    LOL@ booty! You just doesnt gerrit!

  9. @Mena:Lol!!!Not my fault bout the distinction now!I already said God was just good to me.Me,what do i know?!
    And hahaha bout being broke and taking a phd,or the touareg!Abeg,don't be making jest of my blogsfam! Tis all,from Naija with Luv!
    @Booty,oooh i gettit alryt hun!Lol!