Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Le F*&^k!!! (Mocking Bird)

Once upon a time...
one blogger knew one blogger on a cold winters' night,
and the two decided never to speak of it ever again
-an intentional noble agreement for the sake of world peace
One west, one south, paths never ever to cross again.

Fast forward three calm years later,
a party invite off social media, a casual glance at the accepted invites' list....
a mocking bird quirps.

You know that sinking feeling when you realize that all hell is about to break loose...
when you hear a sickening knock on a coffin latch that should for all reason be dead quiet.

In the old blogging days, people knew too much
traded secrets and allegiances like a hooker's midnight wages
but as we mature and real lives slowly creep in,
you soon realize how you have stupidly hung lives on fragile threads in the hands of similarly broken strangers.

So words fade away and pages disappear - all too intentionally,
As fancy masks become permanently welded into scarred faces,
because when you have everything to loose,
however pretty a mocking bird is, the only desperate hope is that she don't sing.

I find it funny when people talk wishfully about old days,
unaware that nobody hugs a clock of darkness,
or daintifully skips away into obscurity without reason.
Reasons such as this.


  1. funny that I read this after waxing poetic about my nostalgic feelings of the old days here in blogville. How ironic.

  2. Ehm...am not sure I'm with you on this. We all do stupid things from time to time but those stupid things make part of who we are. It's been 3 long years bro. You got nothing to fear. What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Sometimes, the past just needs to be left in the past...I understand this post and I so get it.
    Yeah we all talk the good old days but then some of those good old days are just what it is, good old days.

  4. er...not bad, not bad. me like the writing style. quite agree with "parakeet" though. its been three f*&>king years! lol

  5. Nawa oh! Bros... All this confusion that You and Janyl are putting this innocent 23 years 3 months and 12 days old- young and confused boy into is not fair oh! aha nah! Diarisgodooo... Which one concern Mocking bird and two bloggers who KNEW themselves on a cold chilly sensual ghen ghen night **Wears cheeky smile.. Issorait.. We shall understand in due time **Winks.. In other news Oga boss... how does it feel?! I mean you have been blogging for years even before i knew what a blog was.. So how does it feel when a favorite blogger quits?! Does it feel like a star falling from the sky?! Does it feel like a heart break?! Does one feel alone and rejected afterwards?! Mehn I just had to ask cause when **in T-Notes voice "words fade away and pages WILL disappear, all that will be left will be a memory.. and a feeling of amputation i guess.. Cheers Oga boss.. and bigger you I pray.. P.S I am still awaiting the PROMOTION giveaway oh! :) I refuse to forget :D.

    1. Lmao. Duru has killed me. Where is this guy from?

    2. **Scratches head... Bros no vex oh! But happy new month sir :).. We miss giggling at your posts sir.. **Scratches my Dandruff infested hair.. Bye bye sir..

  6. I'm probably too new to have nostalgia hit me so hard when I hear "good old days"in blogsville but I like to think that there are some things I'm old enough to miss. Like bloggers who inspired me to even start blogging in the first place; freaksho, hazel, gbemisoke, caramel d, sirius... Where did they go?
    T. Notes, I saw your comment on my blog. I've been having a hard time adjusting to a lot of things. This growing up business sucks sometimes. I'll be back...hopefully with a bang soon enough. :)
    P.S- I need you to dub me "inspired"; you're like the king of inspired writings. At this point, I need nothing short of a spell to get me back on track

  7. This egbon T.Notes sef....


  8. Bros e! This is my first time here and I'm already intimidated (and I'm not easily imtimidated). I was going to snatch Toinlicious fro, you but I must now say that I am loyal sir. Please teach us this art of writing that you have perfected.

    As for nostalgia, I used to be one to hold on to all memories but I learned the harsh way that some are better forgotten and not reminisced about at all. Sometimes certain encounters of the "knowing kind" are better need to be completely forgotten.

  9. Hmmm...will pick up comments soon!