Sunday, February 15, 2015

Changes....about a blog.

As part of the Federal Governments' efforts to stem the rising tide of the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria, the original gmail account attached to this blog page will no longer be functional.

Boko Haram must end! Change must come!

Lol! Some people will get the joke.

P.s.....Got a fantastic promotion at work. Now i just need to figure out how to act the role...

Have a fantastic week ya'll!


  1. Congrats on the promotion... So when is lunch or dinner? I mean I'm unashamedly asking, you can afford to take a random lady out with your new paycheck :)

    1. long as i'm receiving my own personally autographed copy of 'Kiss and Tell' alongside that meal, Joy!

  2. Dear T-Notes,

    How are you sir? How is life in Obodo Onyibo? Hope the cold is not colding you too much sha?! :( I write this open letter abi na comment to analyse the state of the nation and your blog, but to as well tell you that on behalf of all the retired women wrapper in Nigeria, we accept the change of G-mail account (even though i was looking for it to send someboRies number to you **winks but i was too much of an illiterate to find it **Crying in French)..

    However, i sadly inform you that with all due BOKO HARAM respect accrued, kindly be informed that we shall not accept the promotion without a blog giveaway oh! As an Igbo kwenu man that I am, I suggest that we all tell You our Oga boss what we want, and then as a Father Christmas that you will become when i finish my 10 days dry fasting and prayer plus scabashing, you will send it to us sharpaly. I will like to iterate at this point that my father trained me well so i dont have Ojukokoro... All i want is an iPhone 6 and a PS4 o-tan. Asin Dasaallll.

    Please be assured of our highest consideration.

    Signed Me.

    1. Looool! This Duru!!!!!You are becoming a terrorist ooo!
      But yes, we must make that giveaway happen!

  3. congratulations on your promotion bro. so happy for you.

  4. Congrats on the promotion T.Notes.i am sure you can act the role pretty well.
    But why are we retiring the Gmail now? I smell something but not sure yet if it's fishy or

  5. Congratulations dear..
    As for the role, is there anything you can't figure out? This is you we're taking about. :)