Thursday, November 10, 2011

The T.Notes Quickie Quiz!

Really simple:
Where or when is the name of God exalted the most-
Irrespective of faith,color and tribe?

Clue-its not such a quickie!


  1. In times of thanksgiving?...

    How are you enjoying London?

  2. @Honey:During sex???Hmm,pls explain further:p

    @Tega:which sorts of thanksgiving exactly??London's alright.We really ought to catch up properly you know!

  3. Chineke Honeydame! *smacks head* LOL! Mmmmmh in Nigeria?

    Muse Origins

  4. @ HoneyDame: We think alike o. I was just thinking the same thing but when I read the last line that it is not a quickie, I had to change my mind a bit. I will come back for the answer T.Notes

  5. @HóneyDame and Okeoghene!Lol!!!Quick thinking tho!Does the last statement rily invalidate ur answer??

    @muse origins and coy introvert:hmmm,you make very good point there.However,if the God in reference to was say,Islamic Allah,then the middle east's worship might just top nigeria.Remember Islamic prayers are multiple in one day:p

    Also coy.I,remember that in the western world,xmas is more of a commercial holiday.I'm not sure the reference to God is as high during xmas.Mayb santa,yes.

    Comeon guys,give me an answer and make a strong case for it!
    Ok,prize maybe a full glorified post in honour of the winner!


  6. There goes my first

    Second guess ... during labour/in the hospital/plane

  7. Hi5 Ginger!
    TNotes, here is my case,
    I will first of invalidate the religious festivals because they don't usually cut across faith/color.
    However, during sex, irrespective of the color/religion, God somehow makes an appearance in the throes of passion.(Though now that I think about it, He isn't exalted that much sha...just a shout out from time to time..:)
    In like vein, like Ginger said, during turbulence/fear-inducing experiences for instance in a crashing plane or a capsizing ship, God begins to get fantabolous names and promises that He had never been called by or given......irrespective of color, tribe or faith.

  8. @HoneyDame, Hi5 jare, it's not easy to come up with a case like this, lol.
    @T. Notes hw far now help us out joh, one hint pls, I'd go with ginger and say childbirth..

  9. naughty boy, or maybe I have a dirty mind.

  10. Lmao@HoneyDame!!!!Very well said and factfully argued!
    Well religion is certainly out of the question bcos there is no common ground across faith.

    The point of labour or a planecrash makes good sense,however I don't think everybody calls out for God during those instances??And anyways,such occasions tend to be more few than many.For instance,it does take a good number of quality shagging (on the average) b4 someone gets to the labour room (making sex outnumber labour room).And plane turbulence incidences aren't that often.

    But on the matter of sex,now that's a good argument.I'd say on the average,half of the world's population is getting it on every night.Which gives us good frequency across race.

    And if I'm not wrong,there's a very good number of 'Oh God yes','Ooh Jesus',and at the more vulgar level 'f#ck...' Etc.So I'd tend to think sex makes a good argument,moreso since i hear quite a lot of exaltations from next door.

    But does that make it the answer we're looking for?


  11. @Lara!!!Missed you!!Seriously!Oh but yes certainly you have a dirty mind!Dunno what India's doin to you!lol!Howz it goin anyways with the Australia or China thoughts?Should catchup on chat soon.

    @coy introvert:)So is christmas your last guess?

  12. Ok I am back!
    T.Notes, yes that is the answer we are looking for!
    When shall I expect my prize please? Or do you want me to make a stonger case for my argument?!
    Don't let me get Boko Blogram on your case o!

  13. @HoneyDame:Lol!!!!Ok,make a stronger case and cement your point!Then you prize'll come right up!Hahaha!

  14. In our lives... when we live our lives to His glory and people can see his majesty and all....that is when he is most exalted

  15. in times of trouble na. wait, :s. i'm correct abi?

  16. ahhh T.Notes give us this answer or I show u my red eye....

  17. please the answer is during rough sex jo. when people give clues,d answer is usually in the clue hence you using the word ''quickie''...btw it doesn't take enough shagging to get pregnant,it takes just one without protection,a ready ova and powerful sperm to swim...and give the answer already you too like notice me job.