Wednesday, August 24, 2011

These oyinbo people will just be vexing someone sef!!!

From my part-time work:
(1st thing in the morning)
Our records indicate that you did not attend your confirmed shift at Tesco High Street on xxxth August and did not inform us of this. You now have a 'No Show' on your file. Please reply within 24 hours advising of any extenuating circumstances or errors on our part or you will be issued with a Feedback Report and further action will be taken.



My Prompt reply:
Abeg, go and hug transformer jare!!!

No dey vex me today, i am not in a good mood! Ehnn, somebody no fit sleep forget come work again?! Abeg, go and die jare!!

Kind regards


My real reply:

Hello xxx

Thanks for your email......blah blah blah.....

By God's grace,i should start my proper LondonBigBoy Job next month and all these ass-kissing for a GCSE Certificate holder will reduce. But seriously,i'm vexed!!!


  1. hahaha... No vex oh, we dey wait for you to begin wear suit and tie begin do yanga for London road.

  2. Lara Love!!!!!!!With your presence,all the vexation has disappeared!!!Missed you!

  3. work at Tesco?
    oh my Gawd, free stuff...i know there was a reason i was ur follower!!!

  4. @ "Ehnn, somebody no fit sleep forget come work again?!"

    LOLLLL! Dude, you had me in stitches over that one. Forget to go to work indeed! You're just a case. You need to let them know that levels have changed so they should free you.

  5. Looooool! T.Notes boyfriend mi, pele mabinu.

    But we need to arrange for you to deliver free stuffs to me o! ahn ahn, i gats benefit from this job before you begin your LondonBigBoy job next month!

    p.s - I know the boy in the transformer pic, it was taken in my undergrad uni :)

  6. Funny guy, I love the first reply better, why didn't you send it? :)

  7. lol.your first response was funny...

  8. See shakara! It's all good! you will soon join the suited stiffs in London's underground.

  9. Seems d ladies are more concerned about your London big boy job!!! LOL!

    Why you sef no go work as at when due?

  10. @Musco...i rather he stays in Tesco biko.... AWUF oh!!!

  11. @Kiah:You are a case!!!lol!!!

  12. When you finally resume at this London Big boy job, there must be a give away because we've been here with you all the way!