Sunday, June 5, 2011

*When I am dead*

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  1. its awkward to talk about death sometimes sha, but it really is the I want Christ to come back before I die sha? errrr i no know o

  2. I want to have babies before Christ comes back...that's all i am asking-the chance to have kids!!!

    I worry about not recognizing the people i once loved...but hey, i bet Heaven is a lot about trusting God as well. I choose to trust that...'Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him'.

  3. It wont be a bad idea for Christ to come before we die but since we have no say in the matter, i'ld rather live a purpose driven life so a vacuum is left when im long gone.

  4. What exactly are you talking about??????

  5. You really shouldn't be worried about death.
    Life has enough worries

  6. I don't talk about death anymore. This year, i've lost quite a few close pals and i think of death almost every day, like could it be close by or something...would it come on my way crossing the road to sainsbury's or on the underground.

    besides, your post calls for concern. you alrite???

  7. interesting... I don't know you real good, actually don't know you at all but please, could I read the eulogy (hope that's what they call it) at your funeral (should you go before I do - totally not wishing for that). I'm sure I'll write a good piece especially since I know what you'll miss most when you're gone.
    But seriously, from stuff I've heard, I think it would be better to die before rapture occurs cos seems it's gon be serious business. Well, I'm sure the righteous won't go through all that so I do my best to live right by God.

  8. C.S Lewis biography 'surprised by joy' is an awesome biography!!!
    just live well, laugh much, love hard and forgive. so even when your physical body dies, your legacy will live on!

  9. lool you're such a baby!, why shld death scare u? jk! death scares me shitless too!!!
    i really willly want to die when i'm old and very very toothless and grey lol, and i dnt ever wnt to lose a friend or family member *sighs*

  10. haha!! That's something i haven't thought about- sex in the afterlife. I'm pretty sure our priorities will change when we get up there :p

    Sometimes i think i'd rather go first before the people i love. It seems easier doesn't it- let them deal with the pain hehe (selfish i know, but what can i say)


  11. Well the way I see it, no one who was alive, living and loving in 1600 is still alive now 2011, so we all will certainly die.

    Death isnt just being cold and lifeless, its a transition toanother wonderful and exciting state of being.Perhaps when we transit we wont want to come back. Same as no one wants to go back to being a baby needing diapers na.

    Now Think of what will be written in your tombstone buddy!winks

    Tribute to you here-->


  12. So I flew here from Mena's, seeing as she fancies you to be the "specialist" in certain matters, and I see a post about death :o(
    I've watched death snatch my closest and dearest again and again and I feel like we've become so familiar, I shouldn't be pained when it visits. Sadly it is not so.
    I don't see death as punishment. I see it as an opportunity to be free from the troubles of this life. I sorta kinda envy the dead, cos they are one step ahead. My pain comes from loving too deeply to cope with the loss. Now I find myself afraid to love as I know I should, cos death might visit soon...

  13. Coming over from mena.

    Cosigning with Gbemisoke. Death doesn't scare me, but nor do I want/wish to invite it to dine with me. At least not yet...

  14. *scratches head*
    Sex in heaven?

    Im refusing to think about when or if I want to die...
    Yea totally refusing...

    *still scratching head*

  15. Only you would think about sex in heaven! At that point, you're totally sexless dear. Sexless. Deal with it! Lol!

  16. Didn't realize I followed your blog recently...
    Its funny how I think about my death and just pray its not anytime in the "farthest" but when I think of my loved ones dying I cry. The pain of loss, not a good feeling....
    ah ah T.Notes sexlessness keh, u're really bothered about this death oh....