Sunday, March 13, 2011

Well, lookie what i found!

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  1. Hahahaha!..i dnt even knw why i'm laughin! dude it's not nice to treat ladies like this..we dnt like to be treated like cheap thrills :/
    you better start replyin her txts or those asian guys are gonna deal with u. dnt mess with a mean little asian..i tell ya! :p

  2. That T-shirt is so gross! LOL..

    As for Mia, you better stand down o. My hand no dey.

    All the best with your studies.

  3. Its fantasy, right?

    So I say you forget the no-sex rule and actually go all the way. So that the ensuing tribal war will be worth it.

    Just fantasizing....

    And no, its spelt S-Y-N-D-R-O-M-E!

  4. @kitkat:lol..av u had sm "experience" with them asian dudes b4?Hmm,do tell do tell!Leave me jor,everybody likes n wants to be a cheap thrill sometime. Visit naijapalsR18 forum and see.

    @Myne:Gross?!!!Aww comeone Myne!U'r no fun!Dnt let Husby hear that from you o!

    @SHE: Ehmmm,good question--how much is fantasy?!lol!And hahaha,I'm luving ur advice!hi-5!!!!And yeah yeah yeah,thanx4 the english lesson!loL!

  5. you don start again.

  6. I say someone is about to get his incisors (frontteeth) knocked out.... that wont look good in the graduation pictures though
    *walking away