Monday, March 14, 2011

From T.Notes to in really.

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  1. u have to try to fight the temptation jor,lol
    dnt beat up urself..every guy goes through this as well. it jst depends on ur morals and ethics..if u keep restraining urself..u shld be fine :)

  2. You see...a honest, true man

    You are what you believe tho...and I totally get this because i so totally have these issues...You will come through somehow

    Let go and Let God...literally!...x

  3. @Kitkat:On d contrary,no,not every guy goes thru this crap!The age of upholding flipmsy moralities is fast becoming extinct-just like me!lol!But,thanx,i appreciate your opinion. Maybe you know...just maybe.

    @Tega:Uhmmm,Let go,you say Hun?!Lol!But thats d issue,this level of honesty,is probaby not advisable to share with for instance,someone you r goin steady with. Albeit,the idea of goin steady brings a shudder.
    Mwuah,for ur response!Hp things r goin well ur end?

  4. When I finish laughing .... I will come back to give an encouraging comment!


  5. @musco:nonsense guy!

  6. I got lost somewhere while reading....

    wharahell are you talking about?

  7. It makes no sense to me (pun intended)

    So! No Comments!

  8. I get it, it really is hard to fight temptation...I am fighting plenty temptation now self and I must say it really takes a strong person to not give in to temptation.

    Time will tell...