Monday, December 13, 2010

Letters from the land of broken typewriters

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  1. very profound my dear. and here I thought that these thoughts and feelings were just mine. thank you for taking what was in my heart and head and putting out for me to read and understand.

    P.s. You've always been the same to me, maybe cause I know you outside of blogville, but I'm not surprised by the things you write. Let me take that back, the teabagging write up, now that was a shocker.

  2. Thank you so much for this...thanks!

  3. I hear you!
    I'm 'uncrushing' you.
    But I so get your tumbling confusing discovering emotions right now...
    I'd send you a mail..
    You owe me something..
    And I intend to collect.

  4. This sounds more confusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can we attribute this erratic writing to the winter?


  5. You know you are one of my fave bloggers write...

    Love this post...

    PS: You are the same oh...very unpredictable AND it is perfect that way

  6. @T.Notes- Are u really sure all is well with your soul??????????????

  7. @musco: Call ur brother n find out jor!lol!

    @YN: *Loves* to you, as always!Mwuah!Lol!

    @The fish: U're most welcome...tho, what do i really know!

    @2cute: Hmmm,yummm...anything you wanna collect it, it's all here for the taking!lol!

    @Harry: Oh well!Coming from inspirational bog write you, i'll take that as a fine compliments!Thank u sir.


  8. hummmmm......, confusing.
    thanks for stopping by mine

  9. I understand this post...been there before or rather still there. This is what makes life interesting