Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All the world's a random blog

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  1. your life is straight out of a sitcom. enjoy london!

  2. u re absolutely in trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just wonder why you are not learning from my mistakes....

    Welcome to the club though.LOL!

  3. I pray you miss the train, silly. haha
    May God deliver ur head. Boredom kills o... As in, literally kills! lol

    Merry Christmas bro :)
    - LDP

  4. You are getting into trouble...Boredom not a nice thing. Hope you did not miss your bus sha.

    Merry Christmas

  5. This is the blog I was referring to.

    Its uncanny, the bulk of this blog was about sex, yet the first paragraph kinda shunned marriage. Er, dude instead of spending hard earned money on porn sites, just get married to a sexy woman.

    You did mention that you have loads of friends and are crushing on a few right? well give it a go.

    And if she is Britico or eve European (the EU bits) all your worries will be gone (and replaced by new ones)

    Just a thought, dont shoot the messenger.

    great blog, gnite!


  6. @Mena: Lol!!!!Ok,your bluntness there threw me a little off track!!!And lol....ican't even think of a return attack right now to get back at you! But trust me,i don't stay down too long. I will address your *fuck-up* in a moment!lol!!!(Well,the fuck-up bit, i've just been waiting to re-use that phrase,i picked it up recently!) Thanx 4 reading around. Be sure i will mess up in blog in like manner!