Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Of orange juices, fat beefs and exodus Thoughts

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  1. Whatever your announcement of arrival and number of dinner and lunch dates you have already booked with some of the blogville ladies here that my sources are keeping tabs on, sha bring plenty £s!

    .... & if you like, do like all those naija peeps that forget they had friends like us as soon as they get here. Na swear I go swear for ...

    Safe trip bro and will surely miss your wahala from naija!


  2. lol, i'll be your secretary when you decide to run. About Nigeria, i'm gonna leave that topic. God dey. That was a nice gift, the laptop that is and go be fabulous in Jand dear, everything works out for good to those who wait. Happy for u.

    P.s where do u go to on fri nights really? lol

  3. Aww..Have a safe trip dear.
    Wish you all the best

  4. Hmmmm........my sister, this is so deep, makes me think about my country and I know what you mean about the 3 levels of immigrant. Some Nigerians abroad would love make a change for Naija but can't due to certain limitations, while the citizen born Nigerians won't even be interested in living back home. My sister, congrats on your Msc, so proud of you...stay strong. Hugs!

  5. I have always thought you were a dude up till today...talk about lost in translation....lol...Any help?

    Good luck in Birmingham...I hear it is a beautiful place

    Have loads of fun too.

  6. like alanis said "God bless u in your travels, in your conquests and queries".GO DO, GO BE!