Thursday, August 26, 2010

Memoirs of a certified Shrink

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  1. Wow! Not even sure how I'd react. I wonder if I would stay, sit and watch them scramble and especially see the chick and how she'd behave. I'm sick that way. Can't wait for more.

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  3. no comments!

    ...okay, great piece of writing!


  4. I dont even want to imagine myself in that scenario cos.......

  5. It's happened to me so many times that walking away seems to be the best option.. Nice one.. I'm enjoying your prowess.. lol.

  6. I's cry for days without end :(

    Nice work though..Really interesting!

  7. Interesting write-up, you sure hook one in...

  8. huh? its only the beginning! Ade wants more :)if I had to pick a sentence, it will be this one

    *The elevator descended to the ground floor and I could have sworn I heard all my dreams and hopes shatter beneath the metallic vacuum*

    it was so excellently constructed it graphically spoke volumes to me...

    I guess what i'm saying is 'I duff my hat to you sir!'...

  9. I read the first part on the other blog.
    Now tell me, which blog should I stick to, here or there?
    Lest I be accused of infidelity!