Friday, July 9, 2010


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  1. Gosh i'm here crying. I think this is the most beautiful thing i have read in a while and yet so sad and true. I don't have words.

    "Hope is…waiting for the Sun to shine again..someday…someday soon…"

  2. *Tissue*
    That came from a sobered morning. I let the keyboard do the crying for me instead.
    Yes Hope is, and amen, our sun will shine brightly...soon someday.

  3. hmm,...this is so touching and reflect what life is about, in every situation, one has to stand strong, I love this post, hope you have a great weekend girl, miss ya

  4. ...someday soon

    we shld all have hope 4 better things to come. we all seem to be in a sober mood lately ...

  5. Hope is…waiting for the Sun to shine again..someday…someday soon…Hope is.

    This did me in. I didn't know you were so sensitive. This is beautiful..

  6. Read this while listening to Susie Suh's "all i want" and there's tears in my eyes....

    I am short for words. Hope is....

    p.s: "HOPE" has been my bb status for a month

  7. Just discovered you...adding you to my blogroll sharp sharp. Good stuff.

  8. hmmmmmmmmmmm .... another addition to the list!

    T.Notes let the war begin!

    lol .....lmao!

  9. lmao!!!!Musco,you're not serious!!!who is waging war with u?!!!

    @YNB: long will i continue to allow this gender confusion?!As u like it.But yeah,definitely, stand tall, stand strong.

    @Myne: Sensitive n T.Notes don't go together in same sentence---doesn't mix well!Thanx tho.

    @Audeo: Hi again. Think i exhausted my point at yours. May Hope keep alive. Cheers u.

    @paraket: Hi stranger!I'm cushioning up a velvet sit for you right here on the T.Notes stage, so stay awhile!Thanx4 dropping by. Been at yours too. Good stuff. U'll be seeing me often!

    @T.Notes: We will soon meet face to face n settle this mano-e-mano!


  10. What will blogville be without you?

  11. This is really good, sad, beautiful (Don't let it get to ur head). Btw, I'm back.

  12. my fav line in the post-Hope is…waiting for the Sun to shine again..someday…someday soon…Hope is.

    you are so good

  13. @Temite- haba .... take it easy o!

    @T.Notes- update jo. thanks 4 d tips....

  14. @Harry: Hey Man. Nahh,i avnt reached that point where i'd be missed. Now you on the other hand,we need to do something about ur a.w.o.l situation.

    @TechGirl:Chucks,thanx.Neva worry,head's still in medium size!*More of u*More of u*

    @lara: Thanx. That means alot.

  15. @Temite: Laughing Out Loud!I'm tempted to reply "awwww,isn't that cute!", but doubt that was ur intention!lol!

    U av ur point, n wellll,i don't doubt ur happiness-to each man his own uh? Though running headfirst and tempting a warzone,i'm not too sure of the sanity of that bit. Heads up!

    *be careful teasing the gods!"

  16. I've commented on this post a trillion times and I always have to come back cus my network's bad..
    I'm sorry I'm joining in late..
    I had fun here so much I don't want to leave

  17. @2cute: thanx....stay all u like girl!!!lol!!!