Thursday, July 8, 2010

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This post has been archived.


  1. I really liked what you did with this, i love Dido although i don't think i have ever looked at her wok so introspectively...p.s you age yourself in this post, lol...But this was well done. I am in Houston and its been raining heavy for the past couple days and the roads are flooded, not to say thats an excuse but it happens. with that said, i hope we can all find faith in Nigeria, i really do want to live there and have my kids grow up there and see our nation become the Giant of the world it was meant to be. I guess we keep praying

  2. Shoot, that's a long post!!!Sorta knowingly buried it with the later.
    Age myself?Yiish,hope i didnt?Oh well,it'll still be guess work.
    Yeah i guess floods could maybe b considered as normal, but if u add that to the myraid of a million other things that aren't going right...makes u wonder about this hope we keep holding on to4 this country.
    You heard about the 10billionNaira budget for 50th anniversary?What really are we even celebrating???
    My few cents...and thats y i rather not discus National issues--its pissing.

  3. Lool. its funny you shoud put those two songs back to back TNotes.
    I think they go perfectly together.
    One is hopeful and the other is pleading and rmba what you said,
    "Hope is waiting for the sun to shine again..someday"

    So this is me, the eternal optimist about Nigeria, hoping and praying you can at least find SOMETHING to believe in, cause if we dont do sth about it, who will??

    Ok that is not what I originally wanted to comment about but now..I have forgotten..

    Oh wells...


  4. @Fabulo-la:Right on,at my Dido comrade!Funny,wasn't even thinking of the irony in the two songs. I guess life's just like that atimes: quietfully retrospective one minutes,then a song of hope springs the next!

    Oh thou Fatherland eternal optimist,where do u reside?Within the painful shores or do u hold on hope from a distant land?!!!lol!Irony!

    P.S. I double love Dido!

  5. Lool! yes I know the irony is painfully glaring.
    Bt that doesnt mean I cant be optimistic now does it?

  6. @Fabulo-la: Lol!No intention to damper your optimism. We afterall need plenty of ur kind to survive/thrive n keep singing us songs of hope!;-)
    Hope away!I'll be egging you on!!!