Sunday, March 7, 2010


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  1. Wow, "a grounded superhero". I love the way you put that phrase together. Never really heard it that way before but I like it. It makes sense though to phrase it in that way, and I think that's how people tend to be in today's age, without the idea of "Superheros". It seems like we all wear these titles, but what does that really entitle? Do we act as the "teachers" "lawyers" "actors" "doctors" in today's society or has it just become a title now that people work to achieve and there is just nothing behind the meaning. It makes me wonder why half the people do what they do, if they can't live up to their title. So in a way, I can see your frustration with that. I think a song lyric that goes with this is "If I go crazy then will you still call me superman" :P

    Life is definitely frustrating at times and even I sometimes don't see where this life is heading me but I'm going along for the ride and hope opportunities come across, but don't forget to smile, and breathe for even a minute! =)Try to enjoy work and hope your day goes well.

  2. @Liya "If I go crazy then will you still call me superman" :P
    I like the sound of that!lol!That def got me a smile on a Tuesday morning!
    Don't have much words today..think i just wanna drift by and make it thru the day.
    T.Notes,*Don't forget to breathe*

  3. You B*tch about life very nicely. :)

  4. Hi your Majesty-Noviceness.
    Took a moment to wonder y i hadn't received any blog updates from you. Well that's fixed now;)
    On my B*tching- it shouldn't be encouraged really. Need2 work as per your blog on secrets to happiness. Loving the pictures2;)

  5. haha thanks!
    I think everyone needs to b*tch somewhere. I choose to tell my bunny all my problems, he's not a very good listener tho:)

  6. @gigi.You know us guys. Jeez, somethings i avnt quite gotten a hang of on blogger. Will drop a word whilst on ur page.
    Tday's no b*tching day anyways ;)

  7. lol, only you French, Italian, Asian....what happened to Yoruba and Ibo...lmao...let me just say this is the year to get everything going, good thing you came on blogsville, you will find all the support you need here.... continue to go working, but never forget your dust off the plans from wherever you have hidden it and get to working, slow baby steps and before you know it fly you will :)