Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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This post has been archived.


  1. Lol, i agree with ur opening statement....reminds me of something my pastor says "if u're always getting into it (arguments/grudges/fights) with everybody....u might just be the one with the problem....so check yourself!"
    must be really frustrating though... to have all these happen to you in one day!...i'd probably cry if i'd been in your shoes.
    Hopefully the Okada man (lol) gets your car fixed asap....& u mend things with your pal at work.
    & yeah u can't go wrong with a huge smiling face :)hope u have a great day at work today.
    overall, nicely written note. i like.

  2. Humour is reason gone mad...and I laughed a little when I read this. U're not mad. It isn't just u. Lagos life is a pressure cooker. Adjust and learnt to deal with it the best u can...u will meet mad men like that fender bender that deserve the riot act...but remember it is their stupidity that stop such men from going mad.

    Focus on what is important...shrug off that which isn't...

    Ranting is fine but bitching aint cute

  3. @folami. Like a blogger friend once wrote, i'm simply "not forgetting to breathe", so i'm taking gradual breathes, and thus far, its midday and day's been smooth without the facemask;)Oh and i did write a bit this morning, which is usually therapeutic . (Shoot, i can't spell without my M.S Word!)
    As4 the okada guy, he didn't show up!I didn't expect any better. Though i'd decided that if he came, i'd let him off the hook.
    I'd sent the car off to the fixer in the morning;will get a large chunk of icecube to cool off wallet/bank account- it didn't quite bugdet this. Grrr.
    Thanx4 dropping by;)

  4. @ ShubbyDoo: Lol@Lagos life is a pressure cooker.You can say that a gazillion times!
    Thanx Jare!
    Checked out ur space. Jeez, not bad@all!You need2 do some major updating, unless if you're one of the "drifted ones"? Wonder if i do know the face behind the blogs...

  5. lol @ smiling face mask...i reckon you are better now, forgive me for just now going through your blog, fantastic stuff :)

  6. @neefemi: Ok, you've now made me a faithful follower of you!

  7. "appeasing ice cream and donuts!" lmao. What are you like 10? I know that that day sucked, royally, but it was so funny. Hopefully, you've had better days since then.