Saturday, January 22, 2022

T.Notes#63: Brave

A thousand sermons and theological debates

will not save you.

I own you.

She whispered.

Shaken by her honesty and spellbound audacity

He collected the precious memories of his depravity,

Kissed her,

And finally understood the assignment.

He searched furtively for whatever was left of common sense

For those medicinal qualities

Hidden down the corridors of introspection.

It was no longer about gods and witchcraft.

It was pride and self respect of a man.

It was unyielding desperation to attain the impossible.

September is near

and in need of the miraculous

Yet stuck in these trenches

Far from grace.

Do you remember that video recording

The one we swore would be a bad idea.

Alexa, play Moriah Peters - Brave.

Eve's offspring crushed the serpent's head

And now,


being His offspring,

You can,

You will,

You must,

Do the same. - Jackie Hill Perry.

These are my T.Notes

And we are still fighting.

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