Tuesday, November 2, 2021

T.Notes#61: Fireflies

 I have been chasing fireflies and gold speckled butterflies.🦋

The creative mind is blessed and cursed by wild fantasy.

Crazy people who spend their lives chasing wonder, trying to create illusive eternal satisfaction.

Today i paused to smell my imperfect rose garden.

Someday we must put away our wandering shoes

Fold up our wings and get into bed with contentment.

There once was a woman who bled for twelve years.

She spent all her days desperately trying to be healed

But none could satisfy her.

I am the one who has tasted the world.

But my wandering feet are wiser and tired now.

They say Jesus is perfect

Help me hang these shoes.

I heard an old childhood melody today

Jesus loves me, this i know.

Your fantasies will never satisfy you

That is why they are called fantasies.

Maybe this is why the gospel endears my heart.

Creativity also is, the power or process of creating especially unrealistic or improbable mental images and object of fantasy in response to unattended psychological need.


  1. How are you doing?

    Good to read your blog always

    Molara Brown

    1. Lara😊 I am well, thanks😊
      Read yours recently too - loved Morocco via you😊