Saturday, July 6, 2019

T.Notes#41: Watershed by the Beautiful Blue Danube

Last night our feet dangled over the blue Danube and we were honest men.
We spoke about loosing a grip on life and how adulting is hard.

We made paper boats out of hundred dollar bills,
Floated them away into hidden waters,
and wondered if God was mildly interested in the affairs of men.

If he could really see through our facades,
the misty nights of muffled secrets,
and the unhelpful doxologies of the new churches -
The ones who told us to ignore our demons and sing a new song of grace.

We wondered what it'll take for mortal men to forgive God.
If it was entirely inconceivable waiting for him to tender his own side of apologies,
Or if our disasters were worthy penalties for our own depravities.

I worry for my dear old friend Tobi and asked however i could support.
He returned a quiet smile and asked me to write him a blog post,
About a boy who found himself in the year that his dad died.

Keep it short, honest and sweet.
Talk about Jesus, Loyle Carner, Loose Ends, Self-seeking piety,
And life striken reflections that spoke back to us from a beautiful eastern river...
And don't try to find any conclusion.

So this is it old friend -
Our watershed moments by the Beautiful Blue Danube.
This one is about finding our ways back to a new normal.

"I write because i have secrets no one else knows" - Tony Jordan.

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