Wednesday, June 7, 2017

T.Notes #21: Drifters

I have come to appreciate -
sadly out of first hand experience
that one reason why some slowly drift away
and eventually abandon every inclination to religious faith,
is the persistent failure to 'get your shit together' - despite every best effort.

Some words are easy to pen down -
such as these ones.
But the reality of such experiences are long, hard and desperate struggles to get a grip of your own archilles heels.

So people drift....and drift....bobbing further away from innocence until eventually the idea of giving up makes perfect sense.
The sexually astute amongst us number in these category.

And the frightening fact is that,
if we were to account for righteousness by how hard each one fought to attain or maintain it,
then all of heaven would belong to these rejects.

But god forbid that we even try to justify the sluts amongst us.

My reading list has been taken over by spam blogs hence I'm losing track of my favourite blog updates!
Anyone know how to quickly fix this?


  1. I know this feeling...I have been struggling with religious faith for a number of years now.

    One day I am in line and the next I am way off the thing for sure is I never justify my wrongdoings. I hope and pray that someday I will get it right...omo men it is not easy.

    I miss your regular update in this space.


  2. I also want to drift away plenty times...Don't know why I keep going back!!!