Sunday, July 31, 2016

T.Notes #17: Edit - 360 randoms or not

Last night, we found a local banku joint and allowed the day idle away until the canteens closed shops and the kitchen stewards exchanged their utensils for stilettoes and flavored condoms - offering untold delights to our eager white tourists. We said, may life not force you to lose faith in simple things like...hope and a God of justice.

And heaven pardon those intoxicated nights of reggae dancehall and konshens - with cheap alcohol damning every typical boundary of decency. Skin, sweat and inhibited sexuality of total strangers mangled into each other. The local choir next door reminding us that we were bruking off our souls closer to damnation. Those days we'd go any lengths just to feel alive - as if holding our own lives by its cuffs and acting out just to get heaven's attention.

Truths. This year has been rough, I'm still trying to make sense of it all. Thanks to everyone who checked up. We lost a dear friend recently. I watched her literally ebb away despite every effort and every urgent prayer for mercy. I do not get God. And whilst I've been saying all the right words to everyone else, the truth is that s*&'s really fu&*ed me up. The extent of the damage runs deep. May life not leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

On a lighter note to the men...please please don't join the skinny jeans parade...just don't. The reasons for this are obvious, lest i say more than is necessary. Blog rounds in a bit! But drop a hello below and let's catchup folks - It's been a bit of long minute.

But nevertheless, when I awake, I am still with you.

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  1. I was thinking about you then I saw the post update...really been a minute.

    Hope you're good sha.

    1. Hey Lara. Funny i thought of you just as i realized twas about time to update here. I'm as good as can be - one day at a time and plugging along. Thanks for your thoughtfulness. How are you getting on yourself?

    2. I am holding up pretty fine for now in the Naija recession...doing my best to stay sane.

  2. blessings.....
    No matter the struggle, you are blessed.
    ah yes the trend of fashion skinny jeans, "just because you can fit in it, doesn't mean you should wear it!"

    Have a fabulous week.

  3. I just camee to say: I love me some T.Notes! Thank you for always coming on my space. I really appreciate you. Smile T.Notes. xoxo

  4. '...may life not leave a bitter taste in your mouth'
    may your shoulders be strong enough to carry the weights life throws your way.

  5. Hey T.Notes! You're well? Checking in on you! Blessings always.