Friday, September 18, 2015

T.Notes #10: F*&#ing Karma

I used to think this happens only in rubbish Nollywood movies....
But the guy i used to look down on as the outcast kid is heading up the panel of Senior Execs in the interview I'm just about to walk into.
Karma must be having a proper laugh at my expense right now.


  1. And of course, we want to know how the interview goes/went.

  2. I was excited to see a new post from you! Until I read this! LMAO. How did it go?

  3. Aha!!!
    You are on your own in this oh.

    How did it go sha?

  4. hahahahahahaha awww, how did it go?

  5. Haha! Thanks folks. I think it went well....but yeah, we'll see. Life lesson learnt - time and chance happens to us all.
    My blog laziness is reaching new heights, but i take pride in the fact that I'm better than SOME certain people....

  6. blessings........
    Never look down your nose on others because you pass on the path up is whom you will meet on the path down, there is a saying...the stone the builder refuses becomes the corner stone that holds the house up.


  7. Ehhmmm.. In the legendary words from Star Wars.. "may the Force be with you'... Hope you looked him in the eye eh! that would have shown guts :)

    1. Brother Brother.. How far sir?! How are you Oga Boss?! Ehmmm **clears throat.. We miss looking for your Trouble eh! Wears Evil grin :) Christmas in a bit huh.. Oshey! baDDest :) #TurnuPSeason..