Sunday, September 7, 2014

The law of "don't waste your f**king time".

Don't waste your fxxking time on someone who don't deserve your fxxking time.

Life is really that simple. Infact, this is a noble saying, and it is worthy of full acceptance. Please go ahead and retweet.

It is of mild importance the back story of how this revelation besotted my mind...whilst lazy hands soothed an itchy butt-crack at 11pm on a simple evening.

What does it matter, about anthesis, rational judgment or basis of proof. Afterall it sounded briefly ethereal,  hallowed and does it not validate your own angst too? So...yes please, go ahead and Facebook too.

So unto us a law of the universe is born. As before our very eyes, one hapless fool will receive a scarthy text messsge, as courstey is abandoned to the altar of my fine sounding revelation.

Life really is that simple. And thus is my generation of "social intelligence". You may go ahead and Instagram too.

I really really am trying to be less of a sarcastic hot-head but i promise, social media is really not helping my cause.

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  1. heheheheheheheh Big man... I think i will just Re- tweet it! How you dey sir? Hope i dont sense an issue with our Madam? :p

    1. Mr Adolphus! At your service! Hope that contract has landed now? ;).. Yes pls go ahead and!

  2. "Whilst lazy hands soothed an itchy butt-crack at 11pm on a simple evening"

    Very interesting visual :D

    1. Lool! 3000 words in there, and that's the one unwholesome visual that sticks in your minds. Lool!

    2. Even without looking at the name, I'd have known this was Toin's comment. Haha

  3. Good point, life really is not as complicated as we make it out to be.
    Great tip, totally pointless wasting time on they that do not deserve it.
    About the butt-crack thingy, ummmmm... it would still stand out even if there was 1mil words in there.

  4. Hahahaa.. The f**king truth!!!!