Monday, April 14, 2014

So that's how we started something...

I was lazily skimming through blogs today, instead of dutifully replying comments...
And I happened on some conversations and comments that are now five, six year old on some blogs...

For a second, the reality of how we have grown through these years dawned on me.
How some of us have unconsciously been a part of each other's journeys...

Five, six, seven years down the line...
From one post to the next, unintentionally wading along through life together...
Shared frustrations, excitements, pains...celebrations...

*The strength in short words, brief comments, epistled replies, the banter and the 'off cursors-check-ups...*
It's funny how life has happened...and still happens here in this unofficial and uncoordinated space, without anybody realizing...

For a second,  it dawned on me how maybe we started something here...

That whilst some moaned about 'good ole days gone',
We were creating our own generation of 'good times'.
This unintentional generation of 'now greying newbies'...
Conceived somewhere in between when moldy veterans dropped off,
and those who picked up cursors from those 2009'ish blogging years.

A right blend of that old time quirk, infused with that kick of youth..
Into fine personal-type blogging.

I like it.
I like that I'm a part of that new generation,  with a quickly blossoming history...
I like that I know a bunch of these folks by name, handle, and by the unpretentiousness in-between those five, six, seven years of shared existences.

I don't want to list names,  because I will obviously miss out on a few,
So yeah, if we ever shared any conversation or comment that is now five years old...
It's been real folks...
and i think it's worth being proud of.

I find it amusing when I visit a blog and find my comments and conversations from six years ago...
I doubt there is any such beauty in 'ghosting'.

This is a random and meaningless post... but yeah...I should be getting back to those comments...alas sleep beckons....


  1. so you want a cookie ? haha..don't mind me. keep blogging and don't be gone for too long! also can you turn off your word verification ? I'm sure we aren't robots..

    1. Yes, and make that regular oreos, with a cool glass of fruit punch too!
      Word verification is a test of blogger love. Comments get spammed with all those junk marketing content without them on. I'll check the alternative options though...just because you asked.

  2. Now i'm all nostalgic and things. I do remember though. Those were good years. I was mostly anon before starting my blog in 2011 :) Good times

    1. Toinlicious!!! So i hear you're doing under carpet blogger relationship, without telling me!!!

    2. Under carpet what? Who has been feeding you fake gist? I have no idea what you're talking about man, you're my only love ;)

    3. I have heard otherwise!!! And the gist is spreading like wild fire! This your love has k-leg o!

  3. The journey has been long...blogsville def has come a long way.

  4. Does 2010 count as well?
    Not sure I met most peeps then tho, but I get what you mean still
    When I want to smile sometimes, I click on my 'birthday posts' and read all the kind words
    Here is me officially saying 'I love y'all blogsville fam' :)

    1. As far as those times go, you are certainly sooo old school Janyl!

  5. Since I'm relatively new, I'll just sit down, smile and say "Awwwwwwww" while the love is being shared.

    1. Lol!!!
      The love is certainly shared amongst all Nazzy.

  6. Thanks Rhapsody!
    Happy Easter to you too!

  7. Yeah, now you got me all teary eyed (just when I was convinced my tear ducts fell out).
    hmmmmmm... You giving me an idea for a new study.

    1. Hahaha! It's at this point you admitt all the good influences & inspiration I bring to your days!
      And clearly, I hold some sorts of rights to this study.

    2. Inspiration? ummmmmm... (yeah, I'm lost)
      You so wish! Not even acknowledging you in my study.
      TURN OFF WORD VERIFICATION! (that's a protest)

  8. Replies
    1. Good to see you around these areas Countessa!