Sunday, March 23, 2014

...about falling in love, fancy models, and all that 'ish.

I have a 2am idea...

I was up late last night building an amazing Pricing model - a very impressive work of art, if I dare say so.
Somewhere in the middle of all that headache,  I had an idea about falling in love.
Don't ask me about the correlation between love and financial markets,
Because I bet you I can build you a model on that too.

Anyways, in summary, a pricing model is a fancy algorithm that predicts prices in the financial markets.
The main building block of a model are what we call 'factors'.
So,  you throw in a bunch of hopefully 'relevant factors', fit a statistical curve and if you've done your maths right, your model should be a fairly accurate tool for predicting the future.
Now you can go into the world and make some money.

I think falling in love is a lot like building a pricing model.
And I think the best time to build your model is when you are young,  naive and fairly inexperienced.
Here's my simple reason why:
Too many factors in your model spoil its accuracy.

When I was young, my formular for love was simple - emotional connection,  faith, and fair looks.
Those were the simple building blocks on which I predicted the future of my relationship.
And thinking about it today,  it was more than enough.
The older and wiser we get, the more complicated the whole thing becomes.
Until you are staying up till stupid hours, with a confusion induced headache,  wondering about choices and randomly testing three thousand and forty odd factors in a gambling space of mathematical probabilities.

Here's what it looks like:

She is so witty, i could listen to her talk all night whilst i get lost staring into those baby blues...
Sounds like a good factor, so you frantically hurry back to your model and...#Fit, Test, Fail!
Gosh I love his self confidence,  the way his voice commands attention and his charm, ooh, his charm..
That should be a good factor too...Quick, quick, #Fit, Test, Fail!
You get my drift...

I think many people are like me in that lone office space at 2am,
Staring with eccentric hope at an inanimate computer screen
With a bunch of daft factors scattered about our lives
Making the same frantic mistake over and over again
Fit, test, fail, Fit, test, fail...arghhhh, somebody just make it work!

So, three billion people on the face of your planet, multiply that by a sample space of forty odd factors per person.
Your assignment - choose and fit your best 'factors' and pick one person!
Even for the best model builders, it's a fool's errand nightmare!
And I doubt God intended the whole process to be that complicated.

Hence, as i wrapped up my own modelling exercise, I concluded that, in effect the formular is simple:
#Less is more, and that's just ok.

So here's my uncomplicated conclusion:
Choose your best and three easiest factors.
E.g, emotional connection,  faith, and fair looks.
Fit your curve, allow yourself fall in love, leave the rest to fate and #get out of the office!

It is afterall, a game of chance, good fortune and mathematical probabilities.

Some toast to #GettingItRight.


  1. Yes preacher!!! Less is more :D

  2. So one random though came to my mind: If less is more, doesn't that mean less is too much? :p

    1. Hahaha.... scratching head....good spot there! Lool, you're a case Dew!!!

  3. Awwwww
    I loved this
    I just started Health care financing this semester, and you can imagine the light bulb moment I got from reading this that you can actually use financing modeling to predict the future with love, you know hahahaha T.notes you wee not eke me in this blogsville :)
    Very interesting read tho :)

  4. So totally agree with this post...but then is it really a game of chance...the factors are not as easy as imagined.

  5. Quick reminder: You are yet to put up your '14 4 14' post for the month
    It is just two more days until the end of March
    Hope all is well with you?

  6. So I got so caught up with my protest against Ghana police that I almost missed this.

    older = wiser? Says who?
    "...staring into those baby blues..."? ummmmm... curious, very curious.
    And yeah, what is the correlation between financial markets and love?

    1. You are such a latecomer Dentaa!!!!
      I'm all ears, present your case/argument. I have already come to my own conclusions on the matter!