Monday, November 25, 2013

While you were sleeping...

You will wake, to the sounds of quickly rustling sheets
And dreamlike whispers that appear to emanate from lifeless tassels of brand new linen
Mangled into the urgent confusion that is quickly taking over your mind.

The curious breeze against your bare essentials
As you grope the darkness for what is left of your modesty
The old time friend you had kindly offered to share your bed, will be nowhere to find.

There are words we dare not speak, lest we give life to our mortal fears.
But heaven forbid that the sheets speak the truth
...then karma will be like a Birch tree
Savagely reduced into these jagged spears, that now stoke in smoldering embers, waiting for you...dear friend.

What the sheets told. .. her.


  1. I'm guessing poetry? Not too much of a poetry person myself, but I so get that there are some things which though in existence, seem so much more real when spoken.

  2. Right on point Efua. Been a minute. You've been awol.

  3. so I didn't wanna post cos I didn't really understand everything in the poem, but I'm posting a comment now...thank you T.Notes...thank you and have a awesome week :)

  4. I just love your way with words.....