Friday, October 19, 2012

Randoms...clearing mind clutter....

All of life is a random blog..

1. Life is hard...and sometimes it all just makes zero sense.

2. Whenever i sign into blogger, i end up wandering blogsville till 2a.m...

3. These days I'm fed up with Nigeria, my ends up a loathesome situation because for the most parts, I can't stand London, and America gets on my nerves...So many of us just end of as foreigners living in the middle of some limbo with no real place to call home.

4. God....

5. Some people in my life are super awesome person...

6. Blank

7. Blank

8. I'm sick of is a complex situation how the thought of it just repulses me.

9. God....

10.I'm travelling in a few days...looking forward to that.

11. I hate change.

12. I confess that i couldn't quite stand Myne Whitman some years ago. I couldnt understand what the big deal was about a Nigerian love story book. I confess that I still have not read her book...but over the years, i've frequented her blog and grown a healthy respect for her. The current issues asides...I think she's really awesome.

13. I swear to God, all these tabloid blogs sha.

14. I bought a large ....and we had a massive laugh about the whole situation.....

15. Laughter is...fickle.

16. This is the reason why i think some people are super awesome...because some of us frankly just admitt that we need a shrink....

17. People are hard to rely on. So it makes me wonder why we give such a bother about what people think. Nobody really gives a rats backside about anybody, so why not live-out-loud?

18. Today, i stood at a cross road between a club, and kfc...then i pushed open the slide doors and ordered a snack box with one piece of chicken, loads of ketchup and ice cold pepsi.

19. I have doubts about God's promises...i wonder what that makes me, and what He thinks about that. I'm not having fickle doubts..instead i'm questioning the rationale of some of the instructions in the wondering out loud, 'uhmmm, i'm not sure this makes sense you know.'....i think that's another level of heresy, but i can't stop the thoughts.

20.I have all this..stuff, and it still doesnt even make sense.

21. Some folks are full of rubbish and i know i have my own garage truck full of racist tendencies....

22. What is it with all these comments moderation word verification nonsense all over people's blogs? Do you know how much effort it takes to squint and try to get those words right. STOP PUNISHING YOUR READERS. It is not fair!!!

23. How often do you wish someone would 'get you' right to the very depth of your soul? But its funny that when you find that possibility in a person, you start to consciously reserve the 'right of access' to 'all of you'. Feeling violated at the thought of a stranger trespassing every secret corner of your being without permisssion. So you withdraw, and only offer bits and pieces of you...then start to wish again for someone to entirely completely 'get you' the very core of your soul. Its a stupid vicious circle.

Yet, all of life is a random blog..


  1. Ha... I can identify with a lot of these. Love that first line. Also, and not like you asked anybody, but I personally think home is wherever you're free. If you're getting tired of Nigeria, and London and the US aren't doing it for you, why don't you try Tokyo? Or Sydney? Or Jamaica? You never know...

    Word verification is a curse from the devil.

    You seem restless. I think you should do something about it. :)


      Lol. End rant.

    2. Also - and I swear I'm only curious - are you and Kiah like secretly in love with each other???

      Effin' word verification! I am never leaving another comment here again!!!!!!

      Lol. Rant over for real now.

  2. You. You . shebi you?!
    You forgot me abi?
    Well, I decided to comment today cause, doing my calculation, it takes you 2-3weeks before you visit blogger, cause I hate my comment to be... what's the word? yes... 'Stale'
    Nyways, I see you're still you, trying to be more than you are.. But I hate to spoil your journey, but you sir, will always remain same..
    Moving on..
    I was here...
    Formerly- (2cute4u)

  3. some people have been consistent blogging ... Nice!