Friday, May 13, 2011

Bitter Sweet Victories: Still Standing, Standing Still.

PostGrad Term2 Results were awesome!

It's bittersweet because aside from that, everything is pretty much a mess.
(Side laughs),you don't even want to know the extent,so let's just leave that one between me and the God who only can sort things out at this level...

But in the awesomely encouraging words of inyamu's eldorado,we might be barren and broken,but still blessed and beautiful!

On my replay list is:

You know the kind of victories where you want to laugh out loud, but you can't because the celebration seems like a lone gem amidst of so much mess all around.

Results were awesome,as in,really.



  1. i wish i cld leave a proper comment but i dnt even know what you're talkin about :/
    Hope you're alwite sha?

  2. congratulations on your results.
    Hang in there and you shall be fine in the long run.

  3. Yay! Glad you did good on your results. The rest, God will sort out while you play your part


  4. Congratulations on your results. Celebrate that. Everything else will sort itself out in due time. You'll be good. Abi, God's got ur back, not so?

  5. Congratulations.
    All the best in all the rest!
    (Some fine poet I'll make, no?)

  6. Sweetie mi, *hugs*
    Congrats on ur result! make i come steal am ni?
    Take care of u o.

  7. Two of my favorite songs, especially still standing...

    Congrats on your result