Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Toothed in a Candy store and Other Fairy Stories – IOW, The dilemma of Choice and Contentment.

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  1. Welcome to d club! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

    I held d celibate 'undertaker's manager's like vase' close to my chest as I dropped from d Arik mechanical bird on d 10th of September, 2009 till sometime in March, 2010 when I dropped it or it fell from my hand ..... ( will make a great post actually). I pray and hope yours stays longer than that!

    I'm not abnormal afterall!

  2. See musco patting you on the back. If you already have someone, you better hold that orb high o, till you meet her again. All the best with the finance, hail marys and Fred Hammonds. Enjoy the candyless weekend, :))

  3. You are so crazy omygosh i have missed you. Unfortunately i cant Glad you are having fun already tho

    Have a good weekend...

  4. i love c.s lewis, hes one of my fasves. reading the screwtape letters...

    you can get through this old boy, just stay curled up, suck your thumb and singing those fred hammonds tune.

  5. @Fantasy Queen: Heyyyy,i want that screwtape letters!!!Gimeeeeeee!!!lol!Lol@stay curled up sucking thumb!Someone else's thumb now, maybeeeee!Wink!

    @musco:Hahahahaha!!!!U still refused to give me details!I suspect much that vase didnt drop jare!U smashed that thing hard to the ground like a disgruntled child!!hahaha!Ameeeeeen on that prayer. Someone get the holy water to sprinkle all over my ambitions!lol!

    @Myne: Awwwww candyless weekend!!! Now thats crude crude crude!!!

    @neefemi: Uber-Missssssed you toooo!!!lol!Gosh i need to catch u online sometime soon.Having fun...well u might put it that way. Trust u good? Have a smashing weekend you too.

  6. I'm so tireeeedddddd, I've been commenting on this post for aggeeessss! So,have fun o.. I dey your back.

  7. Candy indeed!

    *insert halo*
    Guy, you know what happens when you indulge in (too much)candies eh? you get fat, or sick, or you get a toothache, or worse, you have to have a tooth pulled!

  8. @audeo:

    @2cute4uu: where av u beeeeeeeen girl???

    @SHE: Yup, Candy indeeeeeed!Wellllll,4 certain assortments of candies,the reparcursion is hardly ever biting enough!

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  10. How do i delete this musco musco's comments???

  11. Hey T,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    We really appreciate every single visit.


  12. @Nobs: Blawwdy Hell,your memoirs rock!Controversies temporarily,thanx 4 dropping by.